Monday, 12 June 2017

work part 1

Hey guys

my 5 months holidays doesn't run like what i have planned. i thought i can straight away getting a job once i ended my semester 4. i thought. the fact is, i was jobless and broke for a month. i'm such a loser young generation because throughout my jobless days, i have watched 36 movies instead of doing some beneficial activities. obviously i have an excellent skill in wasting time. nail it guys

GUYS, the competition to get a job is extremely hard! Everyone is my rival because literally i need to compete with all the Bangladesh and Indonesian workers too. What is more upsetting is when  I cannot work too far from home due to transportation problem blerghh. At this moment, i have an interest to work in a harder level since i'm already in my senior year in Diploma. Once again, I was hoping and expecting to get a work that i could apply and relate with my studies, at least. I need to get precious experiences and pay throughout my long holidays because i don't want to rely 100%  on my family to support my necessity and desire, so by hook or crook, Zamaliah must get a job! 

I seek for job everywhere. It all end with frustration. Some of the employers were giving me a fake hope. Rejection after rejection. Omg I have no idea how my future will looks like since it is too hard to get a job nowadays. ''We don't need a new worker, Yes please fill up the form, We don't hire part time worker'' Hurt

My dream job seems too impossible to achieve so lets just fade it away with a shattered heart. At this chronic level, i scolded myself ''Lets just grab anything that comes.'' Anything! If i'm being too choosy, I believe that i'll end the rest of my holidays at home as an useless daughter, student and future generation to our country. Pardon me Malaysia. Mak, i hope u are not regret for giving birth to a lazy daughter like me

*Message in*

I GOT A JOB! Thanks God for helping this desperate girl, u heard me! I got a job as penjual kerepek,  asam, toys, candies, Yam Yam, Nini balloon. Obviously it is not my dream's not glam..still i'm so happy  because i managed to get a job, like finally! Feel a bit useful now. However, i only worked for 18 days only instead of working there for 4 months. Why? Because I can :P

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