Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Zamaliah & her endlessly phone problem

Hey guys

Those who know me well must know my endlessly problem with my cell phone, Lenovo S860. I know some of my friends might get sick with me since my phone keep on hanging for 102829101 times 

Once it hang, damn i need to reformat everything. Everything. I'm so done saving everyone contact numbers for 50th times ughh its so burdening and annoying. What annoyed me the most is when i need to keep on asking unfamiliar number like 'sorry who's on the line? and etc etc while actually they are my friendsss. Some might get offended and not believe in my problems since i keep on losing their numbers but what can i do guys? I can't please everyone. It happen like 3 times a month in every month!!! Can you feel me?!! 

I once said to my friend ''please lah if my phone nak rosak, please rosak after i end my Diploma so i can work and afford a new cell phone!'' but no guys, my phone chose to stop working already :') Bless because it wouldn't trouble me anymore every time it get hang, friendss lets cheer for it! Yet, i'm STUCK! what the freak, how i want to connect with everyone?!! God, i need to like my crush photo in Instagram and how i want to tweet emotionally in twitter before i go to bed?!!

You know what make things worst, my final event that will be conducted by my class is going to happen exactly in 3 days after my phone rosak, so yahh i feel bad when people can't reach me immediately and i need to sorry everyone again and again... Then at this moment jugak lah, there are my assignment photos inside my phone T.T we went to Jonker Walk to take photos for our Graphic & Design subject and i used my phone to snap photos but you know, it all gone :) 

I don't used phone for about 4 days. I managed to survive even I can't stay still because i have lot of things to do yet i'm powerless without my phone! God sent me help, my roommate offered me her extra phone omg the help is soo precious. However, from technician side, idk what is the actual problem but my simcard was too small so it cannot fit in the phone perfectly which caused the internet data cannot be used......... At first i thought it was my fault, i rosakkan my friend punya phone but the problem is actually come from the sim size not the phone fuhh! 

If you think the problem is over, no you are wrong guys! I have a cell phone with no Internet so i'm still powerless! You know this thing totally burden up my nearest friends like my classmate and my 2 roommates! I need to wait for them to balik bilik at night so i can use their data to reply all the message and etc since my college didn't provide any wifi. Honestly, of course i feel bad every time i need to ask for their help but without their help, my work wouldn't get done and it only will worsen the condition. I'm very emotional during that time because i need to burden many peopleeee and i just pray the day that i'm going to get a temporary phone will be faster so i can stop asking for my friends' help even they are not complaining, yet i just hate burdening people. I never cry to my family but i have humiliated myself, I called kak Farah by using my friend's phone and cried to her omg  i hope she will forget those stupid memories because i'm totally have lose my mind during that time! it wouldn't happen again!!!!!!

Guys, don't you dare to think that my problem is over because it is not over yet! i feel like i wanna slap my own face because i don't even know when this problem will end!!! Currently i'm using a temporary phone given by my sister. I was planning to buy a new phone, not Lenovo obviously. Do you guys have any recommendation on what kind of brand should i buy for Android? Tahan lasak is a must! I need a suggestion :( Apple is totally out of my list since my pay is insufficient to afford one iphone even iphone 5 sekalipon because i need to support other priorities too haha

23 March 2015, it was the day i bought my lenovo phone by using my first pay working in pharmacy ugh nostalgic gila. exactly 2 years lah the phone served me even it always burden me up haha thank you :)

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