Tuesday, 25 April 2017

semester break

Hey guys

My last update is on January. Wow it's been a long time i don't properly seat and write a post. Honestly, i'm kinda dissapointed with myself for keep pending everything because I have like 15 drafts in my draft folder and most of them have been wrote yet i'm unable to finish my writing :') 

Sooo before we go further, iolls nak cakap sikit, this blog is purposely not to feed people with daily update since i don't have any commitment to do so. I'm obviously not a famous blogger who do lot of reviews bcs i'm still not reaching the stage yet. Too far to reach huehue. This blog only work as my memories bank to ensure on one fine day, i can look back to the good old days that i've gone through. Dia akan jadi like oh i once have a good day to be remembered :)

Then, since i don't update regularly, the topic that will be shared are quite limited too depending on what will comes in my mind. If there is any request for me to write on certain topic, i'll try to considerate and work on it. If people found this blog good, then i hope it could benefit those people who read it  but if you think otherwise, you can find another blog or website that suit with your taste :)

Okayyy moving to my main point guyssss, i have ended my semester 4! Semester 4 bring joy and sadness. I totally enjoyed my studies even  i always have self-conflict with myself, to go or not to goooo (counting the left quota to skip class). You know what, i feel awesome and cool when i'm able to skip my class!!! Nerd detected lol! Overall lah, the most satisfied feeling is when i feel THAT IT IS FINE to stand up for myself and show my true color so i won't let people to take me for granted anymore. That nerdy and 'kind' girl is no longer alive. The phase of jaga hati orang is no longer valid lah because being transparent is totally important especially when it comes to work because we need to produce a bombastic work so it is a must to eliminate unnecessary vibes like drama and shitty attitude. Then, this might be tetiba but u know what surprise me more? Lendu feels better than  home!!!

Facing my pre-senior year okay lah not bad. The pressure came like a tornado yet everything can be controlled right. Group assignment for this semester, superb! They are not the pain in the ass kind of person so yeah we got highest mark for most of our group assignments. Effort paid off yo even there is still pressure in completing every assignment. If Zamaliah tak meroyan dalam bilik tak sah weh (perfectionist problem). Studies, like how i mentioned tadi, everything is fine except my marks for quiz and test huhu. Throughout my semester journey, my marks for semester 4 adalah yang paling worst. i never expect to get 8/20 for my midterm test. Overall, all my marks lebih kurang macam tu jeee so what to expect?!!! Still, carry marks for every subjects is so satisfying. Now,  I'm just hoping and pray that my final paper would cover everything back. If jatuh, please jangan jatuh banyak, Whatever it is, i've tried my best so i must be opened in accepting all rezeki that Allah has planned to give to me, All is well have faith!

Anyway, this will be my last stay in Lendu since all Masscomers need to move to UITM Rembau on the upcoming semester. They opened a new branch for Masscom students ughh i don't know how to react because it's hard to sail away my feeling towards Lendu because i've fallen in love with the place, people and the environment. Now, i need to start all over again, it's okay kot because that is how life works isn't? You leave or you'll be leaved.

what my 5 months holiday gonna look like 

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