Friday, 27 January 2017


hey guys

we all come with different stories, yet i believe we carry the same responsibility, "to make our parents proud" at the end of our studies journey. we wanted to see their smile and tears when they witnessing us walk on the stage and receive the scroll by the Chancellor. after a long waiting, we finally could say "i'm officially graduated!"

however, the journey are not easy like what some people portrayed. unexpected things can always happen without u preparing for it.

financially broke, broken family, got into an accident, family death, being diagnosed with serious disease, unstable spiritual...

everything is possible with Allah wills

i believe that the choice that u have made is not the easiest one to make. no one can simply judge your decisions because we all never stay in your shoes. we only can provide u support but deep inside your heart, we do not know how broken and depress u feel. how bad u cried and fight to stand still everyday

May your name will never fade away from our dua. U gotta be strong and face all this problem. have faith. u are lucky actually, Allah is preparing yourself to be a better one in all aspect that we could never imagine. He is the best planner remember?

This chaos eventually will end. Please come back to continue your studies here as a stronger one. Dont forget to bring along your brighter smile buddies

The rest and i will stay struggling to end this Diploma journey. No one said it is easy, but we will try!

member, we are not close but i totally felt affected without your existence :(

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