Thursday, 1 December 2016

Semester 4

Hey guys

honestly i hate ice breaking  or  having any q&a session because i will simply get depress when the lecturer started to ask anyone randomly. i can't think and i will always give them a stupid answer. don't choose me pls T.T

#throwback - during my third semester, everyone needs to go infront of the class and share a little bit things about our background. i told my lecturer (she asked) that my hobby is SLEEPING and READING. seems like i'm giving her my HONEST point and she DISLIKE it. she said "i hate people who love to sleep" K

on our first meeting, she already had a bad impression on me sobs. since that day, even though SLEEPING is my favourite hobby and cure, i'll never say it loud. U MUST NEVER SAY SLEEPING IS YOUR HOBBY! somehow after this, i'll fake my hobby to impress my lecturer haha.

"my hobby is excersice"

Obviously they will caught me lying once they see my body shape. It's shapeless...

so before i sum up everything, so far the first week of semester 4 run smoothly! All lecturer are nice alhamdulillah. Among 7 lecturers, only 2 of them ask us to do some introduction about ourself. happy me! BUT, all of them are so generous. they leaved us with lots of assignments and pressure :')

there will be lots of two way communication and q&a session. seems like i can't run from all of this *blood cries* I. CAN. DO. IT. yes JUST. DO. IT

14 weeks minus one equal to 13 weeks of chaos journey just begin! next, 3 weeks of battle (final examination) is on their way too! Yang baik baik sahaja amin.

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