Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hey guys

"If kau dapat AT LEAST 3.6, aku belikan kasut"

challenge accepted and i managed to make it! yeahh alhamdulillah.

i wanted to have a sneakers or something that look alike like a sneakers. big no to high heels and wedge! sneakers, universal usage.

then, after 7 days had a sleepless night thinking of the brand that i want, finally i chose ADIDAS as it's my fav brand since i was a kid. i don't buy stuff from adidas for a quite long time since i'm no longer have a stable financial - I dont like to ask my family to buy me fancy stuff bcs i will work to get it by myself. sooner or later, i'll get it.

i'm still trying the rest brand and somehow my heart fall into Converse. All time favourite too omg.

kkk move on zamaliah! u already bought few pair of converse zamaliah and do u remember one pair of it have been stolen by a stupid burglar. it hurt me so much just like there is someone who rip my heart with knife...cry 

finally, i remain with my decision to stay LOYAL with Adidas. eherm boy can't u notice it, i'm LOYAL. Rugi sapa tak tackle i lol *single depression*

thank u kak ain! may everytime i use them, u will get endlessly pahala. semoga murah rezeki. thank u for the challenge! i accept this challenge NOT bcs i WANT a new pair of shoes. honestly, i want to prove to everyone that i can maintain and improve my achivement no matter how tough the times. this reward, it's like a bonus for me:)  

this shoes, it will forever become a symbolic of working hard! i know u also working hard to earn money and reward me with this kind of fancy treat. if i'm lazy to go to class, i wish this shoes have extraordinary power to kick me! Thank u kak Ain, abg Ikmal and Marissa, xoxo!

"Nak try lagi lah" i wanna test the level of comfortness and etc 

"Try lah 20 kali pon as long kau suka"

awww sweet! 


fast learner baby

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