Sunday, 20 November 2016


Hey guys

to have a roommate who cannot sleep in the dark is a problem when the other roommate cannot sleep in a bright surrounding. me? i can sleep in whatever condition. the perks of being me lol

here, TOLERATION is the best key to solve this problem. yalah, why we must pick a fight if we can settle it in a wise way? absolutely we do some negotiation like a woman with class *blow nails* 

basically we just wrap the lamp with whatever things that can be use to ensure the light is getting dim. not too bright and not too dark. just nice gitchuu. depends on how creative u can be. the picture below show our level of creativity~ hey don't judge okay! 

eventually, we all sleep tightly (especially me of course) till our last day living as a roommate. Yass, to satisfy everyone is the main goal in this problem! mission accomplished! 

To sum up everything, well u don't have to buy a fancy and pricey lamp as we need to utilise all the facilities in our room. we pay the fee mehh so make sure u use everything to the fullest! i stress it on bed. use the bed until it mendap! 

somehow the dim light look quite romantic yet very economic! 

u would not lose anything even your weight if u put down your own comfort level to help other people who in need a good accommodation too. little kind of deeds that can be practised by everyone. Why not?!! 


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