Tuesday, 22 November 2016

jobless and broke

Hey guys

when mak gave me a RM 50 note, i observe every inch of the note. i checked all the small details. the digits, the face on the note, the signature, the smell!

In lendu, i can finished rm50 in a day! pay this pay that buy this buy that omg everything need moneyyy

how can a piece of paper that been coloured with ink can be very valuable?!! nonsense

this notes are hardly to gain. stress! i wish i could just draw random numbers on a4 paper and use it whenever i go shop

since it's really hard for me to earn money and get a part time job, (semester break) i once planned to find one SUGAR DADDY. I don't really mind how old he is as long i get his money lol

but then i realized, i'm not pretty and i'm shapeless

plan A..too beyond to achieve, so forget it. maybe if i pursue this plan A, mak will throw out all my clothes from home lol where to stay then

so plan B, i keep on praying someday i will get a notification on my phone said, "your account just received RM 5000. 00.." or at least when i enter a mall/supermarket, i will be chosen as a lucky customer and will receive1K voucher to shop at Tesco AT LEAST. 1K voucher is more than enough to support my necessities! Enough to buy Apollo :) Miracle happen what!

while waiting for plan B to become a reality, my semester break is almost over! Phew keep surround myself with positivity. Dream will come true! Huznuzon!

i need to work hello people pls hire me! why u don't hire a student who only hv a sebulan semester break?!! sobs it's sad to be jobless and broke! what sadden me more is, i'm not able to seek for a new experience. I miss to get scold by customers :(

251116 - 7:53 a.m.

i woke up early! I checked my phone..omg someone just gave me several amount of money!!! omg doaku termakbul! sugar daddy where are u?!! Rezeki bangun pagi

k stop the excitement! after i checked the details, it's actually from ptptn... insaf mak, hutang yg sara gua study tu...

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