Sunday, 28 August 2016

i'm still alive

Hey guys

schedule are totally pack in Lendu. If only i got my free time, i won't spend it for blogging as i will redeem back all my sleepless night. tidur lagi penting okay?! i have stopped playing netball for this semester or even participating in any sports activities as i have tanned enough! demss when can i get a flawless skin even i know it's kinda impossible for a sensitive skin like me! actually i tengah take my break dari buat Public Relation assignment hewhew zamaliah totally got no life. so yass i have missed lot of updates sobs i kerai!! will try to update everything (perhaps) asap before i lupa apa yg dah berlaku and let it faded away just like dat. it is sad u know bila lupa memorable things yg berlaku kat diri sendiri nanti bila dah tua nak citer apa kat cucu ai nanti?! At least with de existence of blog, boleh lah ai ask my cucus baca nanti lol. okay back to work, xoxo!

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