Thursday, 12 May 2016

result second semester

hey guys

120516 - would be a disaster for all Uitm students as de result will come out at any moment! it supposed to pop out on email by 00:00 a.m. and sadly, I got mine at 1:28 a.m. u know how freak out I am! I sempat makan ikan keli dekat dapur untuk tenangkan hati while waiting for de email! lol. overall, I do satisfied with my achievement even I didn't fully hit my target. phew such a huge relieve when finally I've knew de ending of my second semester. alhamdulillah all is good, it was a happy and beautiful ending.

thank u Allah for lending me this achievement. parents and families member, your bless and pray are so important to me. lecturers, thank u for being so  bossy and annoyed me so much! It's totally worth it! friends, countless helps from all of u! Won't forget your kindness of teaching me to master something, accompany me, comforting me, driving me, treating me, support,  cherish, share good vibes and remedy with me, listen to me crying, need to layan my stress and complains. ugh de list is endlessly! Yass, i do love how we builded  a study group and used de concept of sharing so we could fill and complete each other lackness! before I forget,  people around me also play a major role in my life esp de stranger! honestly, everyday i learnt something from you guys, it's not only a knowledge from de book, u acknowledge me about how to balance my lifestyle instead of sleeping. how to be mature, patient, more calm and stable. the most important, step to get closer with our beloved creator, Allah swt. It obviously show that I'm nothing without my backbone!

congrats everyone for your success! I'm extremely happy for u guys too! 3 semester to go, let's paddle harder! trust me, nak tunggu email lagi menakutkan daripada menunggu pinangan awak! k i'm kidding i'm a loner bye

                                                                         cgpa - 3.72

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