Monday, 9 May 2016

random talk abt semester break~

hey guys
during my second semester, rasa terlupa what is entertainment esp when it comes to cinema, good foods and new clothes. it all started bila I totally broke as I spent all my money (duit berjoli) untuk beli a new laptop. I have one (I used it since form 3 so dah season) but since my third sister pinjam, I decided to get a new one. lepas beli laptop, terus rasa kehidupan semakin lifeless dengan duit basic utk hidup sepanjang second semester. lol sendunya. keluar, hanya utk settlekan assignment esp for my photocom subject without any desire lepas settle photoshoot maybe boleh tengok wayang and etc. so basically, priority comes first!
habis second semester, weh I'm still alive! so yah, how my semester break doing? instead of sitting at home doing house chores (bakal mak mertua pls notice this!) I went out untuk cucuk langit lah! okay kidding, I buat bende bermanfaat je eh!

                           240416 - Sunday

went out with this little demand boss. no i'm kidding, Marissa is so well behave baby! *dear Marissa's mom, pls increase my elaunt for taking care of ur daughter okay :p

230416 - Saturday 

went to boat noodles yeah craving satisfied! second attempt, should repeat!

using BB1M voucher to 'borong' novels and Akmal's exercise books. I'm a good and concern sister ugh I know that! 

010516 - Sunday

went to fun fair near to my house with my girlfriends. We played bumper car. All my friends dah begerak and I'm such a loser stuck tak bergerak! Lepastu I baru nak merasa bawak kereta tetibe loceng berbunyi masa dah habis. K

070516 - Saturday 

craving satisfied! KGB was great! tempting just like u lol. okay makan nie kenyang til bloated! 

went to cinema too for Civil War. my boyfriend, captain play de role very well awww melt melt!  Movie worth it lah even I dah terkebil kebil nak habiskan pop corn dengan air and luckily ada bantuan haha. massive thank u bruh for de day...

100516 - Tuesday 

My first sister, Kak Ain cuti so we came out with an idea of 'jom tengok wayang!' as my sister wish, we watched Ada Apa dengan Cinta 2. De movie was good, not that typical kind of love. And yessss FYI, we bring Marissa (my sister's daughter) too! She is so behave (tidur+minum susu+layan movie) during the 2 hrs showing. good job sayang!!

kalau keluar dengan aunty, boleh beli Buku je no toys :p

fokus tengok rangga dan cinta dalam satu purnama

Marissa 4 months+ baby first (her first movie) amboi first movie dah tengok citer cinta eh!

babysitting her 

surprisingly I look thin lol! ugh I'm so good in babysitting *blow nails*

overall my semester break can consider as great enough. it feels so good when I can put aside all my business (assignments, stress, work, studies) and just live happily at home with families and friends  even sometimes kejung sebab bosan. okay looking foward for more entertainment! 

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