Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Broga hill

hey guys

honestly, I'm not an outdoor person... All my sisters dah hiked many hills and mountains, explore gua, went to marathon, water rafting and etc while i'd rather to stay at home and scroll my Twitter's tl :)

Aqilah or Eilah used to be one of my  housemate during my first semester (she's majoring Tesl) and sadly, we need to get separated and probably won't meet each other for a long period of time because all de Foundation students of Uitm need to be moved and located in Uitm Dengkil. K

200316 - surprisingly, I went to Broga Hill! we chose to meet each other dengan mendaki bukit broga. I'm extremely excited to meet Eilah yet kinda worry if I don't have a good stamina to reach there. I'm fat and not a fans of exercises. (I only exercise bila ade Netball training or else I akan exercise on my bed snoring) so yah on that actual day, I don't sleep til 2.15 a.m. then I woke up at 2.45 a.m. to get prepared with my sports attire and I tertidur! I terjaga at 5.15 a.m. damn I dah lambat! I'm dead! Eilah should be coming to my house around 330-430 like dat. i opened my phone, no service shit. Then what i got is a lengthy spam from Eilah and de feeling of guilty is hitting me! Luckily, her friends pon mood baik then chose to fetch me again. phew massive sorry!

we started our journey at 545 a.m. if I'm not mistaken. damn I don't even reach the stater yet but i already start to feel tired. To make things worst, I didn't bring any minerals, bread as i have no time to prepare anything! K can't deny lemak tak nak bagi good cooperation. kiteorang berjalan berempat which consist of me, Eilah, Fad and Im (sorry kalau salah spelling). It seems like Eilah and Fad is leaving me and only Im is patiently tunggu I berjalan dengan feeling sendu penat even I dah refuse tak payah tunggu, just leave me sebab nanti I can trace them back. lol rasa serba salah lagi! so we stop 2 times kot before we reach de top, Im dah moving forward with Fad and leaving me and Eilah.

I dah malas gila nak sampai top like wattehek I'm doing nie? I should tidur and bangun at 11 tau! my breathing pon obviously show kadar lemak dalam tubuh sangat tinggi lol. somehow, with a great motivation from Eilah (she's is good in mental torture) thank u eilah for pushing me to the limit! we finally reached the top! Alhamdulillah we get a chance to perform Subuh's prayer and exploring the beautiful scenery.

Eilah, good luck for ur degree life. U'll always perform and shine like a star. will meet u again with Allah wills. nanti kahwin jemput :) serious rindu mek sorang nie! to Im and Fad also, good luck for your further undertaking! Had a good experience with both of u! 

p/s : I've touched de sun, bila I boleh touch your heart. k I'm nonsense bye! 

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