Thursday, 21 April 2016

end of semester 2

hey guys

 second semester 

how my second semester doing?
erm good-but-no-so-good i guess. for this semester i can conclude that my level of 'busy-ness' is more into assignment as our subject is getting tougher. fyi, for this semester, i need to seat for 7 subjects zZZZ. for assignments, it's not only about paperwork, yassss need to produce a video based on a theory that we have learnt, taking photos and produce another video for ads and sort of. phew alhamdulillah we manage to settle everything right on the time! for this semester, i worked with different kind of team members and yes i already knew who should i look for the upcoming semester and who should i avoid for some good reasons! still, i do enjoy working with all my team members as the experience really taught me well. studies, ugh i don't know why everything esp my grades is dropping! it really freak me out okay! Allah is testing me, ask me to stay focus and find Him more often :) i've done my finals, i've seen all my carry marks. in shaa allah everything will be good. i believe that u will grant me with things that i deserve to get, right dear beloved? please train my heart and soul to be such an open and grateful person in accepting every single thing that u are going to give me. in shaa allah, all is well. amin! 

friends, i'm making more friends! yeahh sounds good for me is it? alhamdulillah! good news again, i'm not having any major crisis with my friends. with the power of toleration and patience, there is no war arise lol. living in Tun Perak (college), i became more friendly lol. but truth to be told, i get to know more people and i trained myself to give a smile to anyone that i met like in laundry room or even people who walk passing me. senyum kan sedekah? do hope on de upcoming semester, i manage to make more good friends amin. besides, living in a narrow and sunny room is not such a big deal at all as i'm still alive lol! 

i do also volunteer myself to become one of the crew for our first event, DE'CADE16 handling by all second semester students. i'm one of the preparation crew. i taught being a crew is easy, but no i'm wrong! even there's a lot of crew, but u know, can count the actual team members who stay til the last event. we really work hard for straightly 5 days! on the last day of preparing, we stayed in the Dewan Taming Sari for 14 hours! we walked back to college at 12 a.m! the one who stay really superb! we do named this group as 'Team Kerja Kemas' lol! this is how i make new friends hahahaha if not, i never know the existence of other people, other than my classmate. i didn't socialize, but through this event, i do socialize in a good way hiks. kinda excited for the upcoming event on the upcoming semester! 

on the upcoming semester, i'm going to live in the same college wich is Tun Perak. i'm one of the seki kebersihan dan keceriaan for the college.  the duty sounds so petty right? but i don't think so. no matter how light or heavy the duty is, it still count as responsibility and if i failed to carry it in a good way, i'll be asked later in akhirat. creepy u know. in shaa allah i'll take this responsibility seriously. no more sampah makanan inside the toilet, toilet must be clean, shoes must be well organize! if not, u must hate to hear my leteran 7 petala langit lol. i'll be nice don't worry :) 

overall, everything is good! and the ending of this second semester will be wonderful too. nothing to be fear because Allah will always by my side right :)

random photo of second semester 

28.1115 - kak farah and abang daus send me to lendu for registration

130116 - i'm turning 19!

can seee how swollen my eyes lol. night of my birthday, i cried badly due to some problems and pressure. i went to her room and cried on her bed. then sharp 12, i get an unexpected surprise from amalia, anis, amani, sara, syakirah, sarah, ped and maisarah. they sing a birthday song, wish and pray for me. i even cried more bad. i also get a sudden call from Eilah and Anis Nabilah along the way from Uitm dengkil! Alllahu! end up, i slept on Amalia bed and let her sleep on the floor. hahaha i feel bad to u ama! u r so nice! anyway thank u girlss. 

she treated me a slice of cake. we share it together with de other girls

 balance of the cake become my reward for study like ''after i finish my work then baru boleh makan!''

netball game. i can play for Centre, Wing Attack and Wing Defend. also good in tackling your heart ewah! 

we lost de game, but we don't even sigh because we do support each other :)

entered Public Speaking competition. so happy to get my first certificate!

attending usrah :)

preparation for DE'CADE16. true, nonverbal cues can't lie. can be prove by my expression who get annoyed with girls who like to flirt around lol 

some of the crew 

before we walk back to college at 12 a.m. 

got my own tag yeah 

we have done a very good job dear all crew members!

10 members of preparation crew 

de perk of being a loner sobs

team members for group assignment, Com Theory subject

during final weeks, i bought a pandan cheese cake, see what my roommate wrote on the sticky note!

presenting u guys my roommate, Syakirah si princess and Sara si emo gurlzZ but currently we decided to call her Aida Jebat as she get addict in singing Aida Jebat's song lol

incomplete anak anak ayam mak. missing another 3 members

170416 - what a surprise to see my sibs came along to fetch me even they are out of 2. i asked Ali why got so much exposure in the photo? he said 'baru lah nak nampak Nur kat muka'' lol

we went to pantai klebang after my family fetch me from Lendu. captured by me, subhanallah! true Allah is a great painter!

p/s: pardon me for the lackness of the photos quality. got the photos from different source but some are mine, thank u for reading to the last! 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

foto foto experiences

hey guys

for this second semester, i need to seat for Photo Communication subject and it totally screw me up! honestly, i don't know how to use that ugly and heavy camera called DSLR as i'm not interested in photographing. wait, i do love taking photos but i never expect that i need to handle the thing that i have insulted before lol! so yes, i need to learn how to use the DSRL in order to produce good photos. zZZZz i never know what the heck is aperture, f-stop, f-shutter or ISO! all i know all this while,  DSLR is just a complicated camera. through this ugly, heavy and complicated camera, that is how my miserable journey begin

basically there are 4 tasks that needed to be completed. for the first one, everyone need to take a photo with the theme of 'Masscom World'. pretty hard task for everyone as the photo must have that 'gallery photo value' and yasss whatsoever. the chosen photo will be hang on the board of DE'CADE 16 (de'cade 16 is our photo gallery event) so on the actual day of the event, there are industries people, cameraman, rector and even minister of communication came to launch our de'cade16 event. de crowded, gimmick and feedback are all good yeah! i'm one of the preparation crew huhuh so of course i do feel satisfied! okay back to the task, my team are bloody stressful as our photo have been rejected by our lecturer for about 4-5 times. honestly, i'm so mad with my lecturer because of her picky attitude but at the end of the day, i do understand why she is acting that way. what i learnt from the first task, it's okay to have a haters because at the end, this haters will thank to u for stopping them frm producing shitty photos

p/s: this is de original photo, we do some adjustment but unfortunately, i lost de photo sorry

for the second task, it's an individuals assignment. i need to take 7 technic of photos. here, i wanna do some appreciation post! it might be lenghty but idc!! as i screw up like a noob, i do ask my school's friends to help me. wanie used to be de driver of the day. drove us to wherever place that i want to go. Alif used to be de teacher of the day and savior. he do bring his 5D canon camera, different kind of lens and tripod so that i can use them. i do bring mine, but his belonging is much superb than mine lol. anis, used to be our companion of the dayyy. these 3 people are so niceeeeeee you know! i'm grateful enough to know them in person! their patience and help are countless! they taught me a lot. it's okay to not know something because i can learn, Alif let me explore every inch of the camera, teach me step by step, encourage me to not get shy in communicating with people especially strangers, how to change the lens,taught me what a good position in taking photos and de list is endlessly omg! these 3 human beings are really good in cheer leading! they said, we should not go home until i get satisfied with my photos. they do wait for me without any sign of sigh even de day is superb sunny! dear beloved, thank u for sending me this kind of friends! may allah reward your kindness with good things. to amalia, thank u for de sleep over and facilities at your house. won't forget our illegal driving! to amalia again, syafiqah and mira, it's good to have an experince working with u guysss! currently anis is seating for her PSPM examination, lets pray for her success okay and of course for all matriculation students! to the other students too! may we pass with flying colors! 

p/s: actually all this photo do have their title but pardon me for forgetting all of it! besides, i've kept this story since March so most of the scene have fade away hahaha :p 

extended depth of field


fast shutter

limited depth of field



slow shutter 

for the third task, another appreciation post! this time i drag my shool's friend to help me T_T she is not only helping me, she became my impromtu model too! thanks puteri for the help! for the third task, still an individual assignment. this time i need to produce an ads (short video) with the theme  of 'petrol station' this is the most challenging task so far! but good for me because i learnt how to be a professional person. for the ads, i chose Petronas as it's the nearest with my house. i called the supervisor and ask for the agreement, write up formal letter and yes all is well. the workers in petronas is so understanding and helpful in giving me space to do my work. massive thank you petronas pelangi semenyih! what makes it challenging is when the weather didn't give me good cooperation. all my photos will be either too much exposure, dull, shadowy or totally dark. well yes i cant blame the weather actually as i'm the one who didnt expert in setting de light and sort of. then, my environment. people who come over to petronas will tease us and it really distract us to stay focus on our work. i need to convince my friend that there's nothing to be shy, just smile and follow my instruction. as well when i need to convince myself too that all the distraction are just a piece of cake even there's a moment i started to curse and give the most bitchy look to de stranger who tease us. lol! i felt like i wanna yell on his face but luckily puteri calm me back. i hold on de value of professionalism, ethic and respect, if not, dis girl on fire will cause a chaos! 

p/s: i'm trying to upload the video but somehow my attempt is failed. so i share de photos okay? let de rest be a surprise :P 

the last task is our final test. the test is okay-okay. that's all yeah! last appreciation post is, massive thank u to my lecturer for being so picky because if u don't reject my photos, i'll never learn how to improve myself. i do believe on de upcoming semester and during my worktime, there'll be lot of picky and bossy people, so ya can consider this as a basic training lol. to everyone, thank u for your help, support and pray, i do appreciate it a lot! alhamdulillah to be surrounded with beautiful soul. feeling regret for spending lot of money, time, madness just to get fascinating phtos from that hideous and heavy dslr? of course i'm not! right now, i've change my nickname for my dslr, i called it fatty fluffy :p 

before i end this entry, i wanna share a fact lol. actually this is the sixth time i wrote my post back due to some problems such as my wifi suddenly disconnected, i didn't save my writing before before i close my blog site and sort of. i know i'm such a dummy lol. de previous entry that i wrote is more lenghty and exciting compared with this sadist post. but how to do, i feel like want to vomit for writing up de same thing! hahaha! major reason i'm insist to write de same thing is, i really wanna kept this story here, so whenever i started to giving up in my studies bcoz of stress, i have something that can be inspire. i have something to look back to be thankful. so yah, thank u for reading, to those who read it to the last.

behind de scene