Tuesday, 9 February 2016

course ~

hey guys

well talking about 'course' yang kau akan ambik masa masuk university nanti, sure bebudak lepasan SPM tengah serabut tak tahu nak pilih apa kan? i can read your mind bruh! lol. here, iolls nak emo sikit pasal certain people yang asyik nak jadi judgemental. now i'm a Diploma students in Communication and Media Studies in UITM Lendu, Melaka. those who didn't know about it, well u guys have gadgets on your hands like 24/7 right? go please google it by your own :p currently i always heard certain people condemn or complain about my course

''masscom students havoc, hidup social''

''majority of masscom students is bimbo''

''masuk masscom just to catch popularity nak jadi retis!''

''masscom is an easy course, everyone can score in it''

hello bitch, eherm don't forget to pronounce it with penekanan di hujung ayat ye 'itch' dengan 2 harakat. sorry, i try hard buat joke :p to be honest, i can't deny that some masscom students are totally wild but u need to bear in mind that not all the students okay. ade je yang bertudung labuh dengan baju 3 times bigger than their size alhamdulillah. ade je yang free hair tapi tak pegi menggelenyar sana sini. basically tudung should not be an issue right. and i think people should stop pointing dekat masscom students for all de 'social issues' yang berlaku because any students inc other students can make a mess too. please, jangan sebab our course yang sounds 'social' orang terus pointing and buat perception sendiri. come on!

de word of 'bimbo' kalau tak tahu, go search and learn something! bimbo, i rasa dekat memana ada, they live around us je even in our family members pon ada yang bimbo. it's common. so adelah tak best pointing masscom students as a bimbo. like i said before, certain people je okay. bimbo doesn't mean that person is suck or what, they are human being too, have a feeling. so please pople, jangan nak kecam sangat, i hantar saka bimbo masuk dalam badan uolls baru tahu!

kejar popularity? hello, i don't need all that because i'm fabs enough! lol jk! i repeat it again, certain people je okay! even i baru part 2 students, i dah experience many things macam i dah 230 tahun jadi masscom students lol. masscom is a wide field. i dah nampak ramai successful people yang datang dari background masscom even they are not popular. classmate i semuanya ade different ambition and trust me each of their ambition, tak de kaitan langsung dengan popularity. cita-cita dorang sangat unik like nak jadi pengembara, pengantara politik, komunikasi dalam pentadbiran polis and etc. reason behind their ambition tu lagi buat korang rasa speechless seriously. honestly, my class are one of the de best classes among the rest.  gituhh! jadi mengejar popularity adelah sangat tidak relevan. sekarang dah tak payah nak masuk masscom kalau nak kejar popularity, kau pegi buat benda aneh pastu post dekat social network. in just a blink, kau akan jadi viral dan popular!

easy course? setiap course ade susah senang dye. ade pros and cons dye. mana ada advantage je sesuatu course tu. and of course people have no right to judge pasal pilihan course setiap individu if u tak tahu kisah di sebaliknya. tonyoh muka tu dekat atas frying pan kang! why i choose masscom? sebab i find my strengthness in dis course since i was in secondary school. and setiap orang ade different reason. tak semua boleh bawak course masscom even kau genius or telan 70 bottles kismis sekalipon dan tak semua boleh bawak course lain. percayalah, setiap orang diberi peluang belajar dengan sebab yang baik. rezeki. kalau nak citer pasal condemn, even course engineer, doctor pon orang kecam. "jadi engineer sekarang tak laku dah'' "sekarang dah ramai jadi doctor, nanti kau nak kerja mana?'' setiap course kene letak usaha. even kau ambik course civil engineering andai kata tapi kau malas macam apa, jangan tanya kenapa mak cik yang berniaga nasi lemak lagi kaya dari kau. it's all about effort! takde istilah senang okay

senang citer, kau buat apapun memang orang akan akan bercakap. cakap macam dah cukup ilmu sangat even the truth is, kau dengar dari mulut orang lain and kau sampaikan rumors tu kat orang lain. tak gituh?

sekarang memang zaman gawat ekonomi, to calon lepasan spm yang masih tak tahu nak ambik course apa, u better think wisely and twice. pergi buat research, jangan nak malas sangat jari tu, type ayat flirting boleh pulak! ingat, yang nak belajar tu korang, yang nak face up all de bullshit tu korang, yang nak bekerja tu korang. pilih course yang bebetul korang rasa confident. jangan get influence sangat dengan surrounding. tapi still kene considerate sebab kene tahu course korang tu okay tak dengan zaman sekarang and etc. yang tengah belajar sekarang, chill. rezeki allah tu luas, usaha dan doa. when Allah say ''kun fa ya kun'' jadilah sesuatu benda. as long korang rasa korang on a right track, go on. keep exploring chances yang ada and don't loose it. go compete and be a hungry hunter! kalau perlu hempuk orang yang suke spread rumors nie, jangan hempuk, dudukkan dorang kasi tarbiah sikit. ingat pesan pak cik nie!

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Saturday, 6 February 2016

public speaking competition

hey guys


on the last January, i volunteering myself to join public speaking competition. it's like i'm letting myself to be humiliated. LOL jk! it was open for all part 1, 2 and 3 students. so i think why not if join it? pieces of cake meh, u just need to open your mouth and speak. zZZ punch me for being boastful! it's not that easy okay! to be honest, i took a long period of time to reach the conclusion either to join the competition or not. as all my cheers ladies said i should go for it, well challenge accepted! besides, i think this is the best solution and effort that i can try in order overcome my shyness and low-self-esteem problems! (i have low self esteem since i entered university life)

 the organizer gave the topic to us like a week before the competition started. it called MANNERS MATTER. what a wide topic subjective topic, so i chose to focus on manners to Allah :)

LOL i'm the second presenter! huargh i'm dead

classmmate which become my rival too. she's so nice in comforting and she gave me a warm hug as i'm nervous like hell

sleepy head

superb windy and see how my shawl spoil my speech -.-

this lecturer are one of the judges and her expression is so fierce. but i succeed to overcome my fear and we did an eye contact!

i feeling ustazah dah time nie. manis tak kurmaaaa ini...semanis cinta saya kat awak. eh hambar sorry

     fanatic fans come to support even i have done my speech lol jk she's going to class honestly :p 

overall i do feel satisfied with this lil achievement! the name of winner was not told yet and of course i'm not hoping to win this competition HAHAHA. i entered it for fun and my main goals is to gain experience and overcome my problems yes that's all. may this lil step will lead to a bigger achievement. on the upcoming years, who knows  i'm going to be one of the news readers ewah! in shaa allah! anyway massive thank you to all my friends and of course to my elc leturer for the support and help! alhamdulillah! 

last, let me share my last sentences :p

- there's a scholar once said, whatever things that you do, always say alhamdulillah. everytime you woke up from your bed, say alhamdulillah, every time you have something to eat, say alhamdulillah, everytime you go to class, say alhamdulillah and that's why when i'm reaching to the end of my speech i say alhamdulillah because it such a big relieve for me and that's what we called "manners matter'' thank you''-