Thursday, 1 December 2016

Semester 4

Hey guys

honestly i hate ice breaking  or  having any q&a session because i will simply get depress when the lecturer started to ask anyone randomly. i can't think and i will always give them a stupid answer. don't choose me pls T.T

#throwback - during my third semester, everyone needs to go infront of the class and share a little bit things about our background. i told my lecturer (she asked) that my hobby is SLEEPING and READING. seems like i'm giving her my HONEST point and she DISLIKE it. she said "i hate people who love to sleep" K

on our first meeting, she already had a bad impression on me sobs. since that day, even though SLEEPING is my favourite hobby and cure, i'll never say it loud. U MUST NEVER SAY SLEEPING IS YOUR HOBBY! somehow after this, i'll fake my hobby to impress my lecturer haha.

"my hobby is excersice"

Obviously they will caught me lying once they see my body shape. It's shapeless...

so before i sum up everything, so far the first week of semester 4 run smoothly! All lecturer are nice alhamdulillah. Among 7 lecturers, only 2 of them ask us to do some introduction about ourself. happy me! BUT, all of them are so generous. they leaved us with lots of assignments and pressure :')

there will be lots of two way communication and q&a session. seems like i can't run from all of this *blood cries* I. CAN. DO. IT. yes JUST. DO. IT

14 weeks minus one equal to 13 weeks of chaos journey just begin! next, 3 weeks of battle (final examination) is on their way too! Yang baik baik sahaja amin.

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hey guys

"If kau dapat AT LEAST 3.6, aku belikan kasut"

challenge accepted and i managed to make it! yeahh alhamdulillah.

i wanted to have a sneakers or something that look alike like a sneakers. big no to high heels and wedge! sneakers, universal usage.

then, after 7 days had a sleepless night thinking of the brand that i want, finally i chose ADIDAS as it's my fav brand since i was a kid. i don't buy stuff from adidas for a quite long time since i'm no longer have a stable financial - I dont like to ask my family to buy me fancy stuff bcs i will work to get it by myself. sooner or later, i'll get it.

i'm still trying the rest brand and somehow my heart fall into Converse. All time favourite too omg.

kkk move on zamaliah! u already bought few pair of converse zamaliah and do u remember one pair of it have been stolen by a stupid burglar. it hurt me so much just like there is someone who rip my heart with knife...cry 

finally, i remain with my decision to stay LOYAL with Adidas. eherm boy can't u notice it, i'm LOYAL. Rugi sapa tak tackle i lol *single depression*

thank u kak ain! may everytime i use them, u will get endlessly pahala. semoga murah rezeki. thank u for the challenge! i accept this challenge NOT bcs i WANT a new pair of shoes. honestly, i want to prove to everyone that i can maintain and improve my achivement no matter how tough the times. this reward, it's like a bonus for me:)  

this shoes, it will forever become a symbolic of working hard! i know u also working hard to earn money and reward me with this kind of fancy treat. if i'm lazy to go to class, i wish this shoes have extraordinary power to kick me! Thank u kak Ain, abg Ikmal and Marissa, xoxo!

"Nak try lagi lah" i wanna test the level of comfortness and etc 

"Try lah 20 kali pon as long kau suka"

awww sweet! 


fast learner baby

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

jobless and broke

Hey guys

when mak gave me a RM 50 note, i observe every inch of the note. i checked all the small details. the digits, the face on the note, the signature, the smell!

In lendu, i can finished rm50 in a day! pay this pay that buy this buy that omg everything need moneyyy

how can a piece of paper that been coloured with ink can be very valuable?!! nonsense

this notes are hardly to gain. stress! i wish i could just draw random numbers on a4 paper and use it whenever i go shop

since it's really hard for me to earn money and get a part time job, (semester break) i once planned to find one SUGAR DADDY. I don't really mind how old he is as long i get his money lol

but then i realized, i'm not pretty and i'm shapeless

plan A..too beyond to achieve, so forget it. maybe if i pursue this plan A, mak will throw out all my clothes from home lol where to stay then

so plan B, i keep on praying someday i will get a notification on my phone said, "your account just received RM 5000. 00.." or at least when i enter a mall/supermarket, i will be chosen as a lucky customer and will receive1K voucher to shop at Tesco AT LEAST. 1K voucher is more than enough to support my necessities! Enough to buy Apollo :) Miracle happen what!

while waiting for plan B to become a reality, my semester break is almost over! Phew keep surround myself with positivity. Dream will come true! Huznuzon!

i need to work hello people pls hire me! why u don't hire a student who only hv a sebulan semester break?!! sobs it's sad to be jobless and broke! what sadden me more is, i'm not able to seek for a new experience. I miss to get scold by customers :(

251116 - 7:53 a.m.

i woke up early! I checked my phone..omg someone just gave me several amount of money!!! omg doaku termakbul! sugar daddy where are u?!! Rezeki bangun pagi

k stop the excitement! after i checked the details, it's actually from ptptn... insaf mak, hutang yg sara gua study tu...

Sunday, 20 November 2016


Hey guys

to have a roommate who cannot sleep in the dark is a problem when the other roommate cannot sleep in a bright surrounding. me? i can sleep in whatever condition. the perks of being me lol

here, TOLERATION is the best key to solve this problem. yalah, why we must pick a fight if we can settle it in a wise way? absolutely we do some negotiation like a woman with class *blow nails* 

basically we just wrap the lamp with whatever things that can be use to ensure the light is getting dim. not too bright and not too dark. just nice gitchuu. depends on how creative u can be. the picture below show our level of creativity~ hey don't judge okay! 

eventually, we all sleep tightly (especially me of course) till our last day living as a roommate. Yass, to satisfy everyone is the main goal in this problem! mission accomplished! 

To sum up everything, well u don't have to buy a fancy and pricey lamp as we need to utilise all the facilities in our room. we pay the fee mehh so make sure u use everything to the fullest! i stress it on bed. use the bed until it mendap! 

somehow the dim light look quite romantic yet very economic! 

u would not lose anything even your weight if u put down your own comfort level to help other people who in need a good accommodation too. little kind of deeds that can be practised by everyone. Why not?!! 


Saturday, 19 November 2016

end of semester 3

Hey guys

i have missed updating memorable things in my blog since i'm so BUSY with my studies life. actually i keep on drafting everything since the beginning of the semester until without i realize, i have ended my semester 3. sooo better i finish everything before i end my Diploma journey! 

p/s: as i keep format my phone for million times, i lost everything... including everyone phone numbers! sorry if i keep on asking u guys "siapa ini?'' lol. still, my bad because i didn't do any backup for the photos, contact numbers, important files. but on the other hands, massive thank you to this memories storage called INSTAGRAM for being my savior! basically i recycle back all the photos from instagram and put everything back in this blog haha. so people, please bear with some of the photos okay as the quality might be suck. so here got some random events that happened throughout my third semester ;)

040416 - 231016 

living in third level... no news of breaking legs, asthma or even dying. all is fine! besides, unexpected thing happen at where i found my inner peace here :) third level is so peace, calm and cold. my room is so neat and clean! thank u to the old user who taking care of it. u know, climbing to the third stairs with sweat on your armpits and forehead totally worth it when u enter a happy room with a bright smile everyday. i feel so grateful to have a very tolerable, helpful, concern, loving, polite and neat roommates! i LOVE to have a night talk session with them. we can speak over random things till 3 a.m!! the best chemistry that we can share is the three of us are scared with insects! there was one night when each of us already went to bed and suddenly one of my roommate screamed as she just saw a cockroach! damn you cockroach. we screamed like FINALLY  i have  a boyfriend lol. we screamed like crazy and  knocked our next door room to seek for help without care what time the clock is showing. it is around 1 a.m. actually but who cares! to worst the condition, there was a girl from level 2 who came to us and approached to know what is actually happen because she thought there is any histeria attack. sorry


in term of studies, for this third semester,i need to seat for 7 subjects and of course it getting tougher until i keep on wondering...i'm just 19 but why my task and assignments are more into like a PhD student?!! lol so drama queen. to those people who simply say mass communication is an easy course, come seat in our shoes and feel how chaos our life can be in order to complete all the assignments, task, quiz and test! if u see some of the mass communication students chilling freely, that must be the 'one' who always burden their friends at the very last minute and did not do their work completely. sorry not sorry because i hate people who still cannot stop downgrading masscom students. PLEASE BE MORE OPEN AND STOP UNDERESTIMATE PEOPLE! 

ISAC - Islamic Art & Communication Festival 2016 

this festival was basically a project for our Islam dan Komunikasi subject. this is actually a collaboration between 3 course that consist of of Art&Design, Masscom and New Media students. basically we need to work in group in order to produce a short video for 3 minutes, a poster that contain the whole purpose of our short movie including the storyboard (i don't remember the details T.T), decoration for our booth and lastly as usual, we need to prepare a paperwork. besides that, we need to present this final project in front of the judges which we totally have no idea who they are. thanks to syakirah and ijul for being the great presenter. they will evaluate everything and submit the marks to be counted. besides that, our video and paperwork will be evaluated by another few judges too inside a 'meeting room' in order to get the best 'kata sepakat' so that there will be no issue for the winner and etc. yass this is a competition too. honestly this is the most chillax assignment that i ever done. what i mean is, when everyone play their role, submit everything right on the time, be punctual and give a full cooperation..the end result will be the bomb! everything went smoothly, pressure is under control and we totally enjoy working together. alhamdulillah, we managed to win second place yeahhhh. during the dinner of ISAC, the boys already changed their outfit aiya 


went out with this lady and another 2 friends but we get separated so we can be more focus on our shopping hunting. lol more into a window shopping actually:p this was during the fasting month. gigih tak sister?!! somehow both of us tak tahu nak pergi mana since we have accomplished our hunting mission, we went out from the mall pastu nampak beca. konon-konon nak ambik gamba pastu ternaik pulak, pakcik tu kasi pasang lagu apa apa je dan  kiteorang telah mendengarkan lagu Big Bang. semangat pak cik tu kayuh sambil dengar lagu Big Bang lol. myr 20 (mintak discount) okay lah utk kepenatan pakcik tu kayuh bawak 2 manusia yg bermuatan berat jejalan


my friends and i were volunteering ourselves to participate in this zooxrism event which handled by Tourism students (other course). we support member lah! Honestly, i totally respect and salute with this kind of event because it taught us to be grateful to have a FAMILY! before i go beyond emotionallly, basically this event is more into a charity program. we bring around 40 neglected kids (frm different background) from rumah kebajikan to the zoo with a mission to cheer them up! each of us will get one kid to take care off. after checking the list, i got a male kid! omg it's like a blind date for me! i never meet him yet but i already feel the bond of love ahh this is love! i'm extremely excited to meet him!

                                                             calon-calon zaujah kalian lol

ready to handle Mukhlis, a 9 yrs-old kid  

 first time meeting! look who is shy here

we used to call each other ''mukhlis & kita'' since i felt too old to be called kakak lol

mukhlis and boss are more expert reading this map rather than i! takpelah, i tunjuk korang jalan ke hati je lah

selfie satu kaliii before everyone cari anak masing-masing balik

muka happy lepas paww i 

cutie boss!

Adam thought Anis and me are twin! besides, he keep asking me apa hadiah yg anis bagi since he cannot open it. i only cakap "itu hadiah yg Adam boleh pakai sampai besar!'' 

anyway, mak bapak adam yang jaga tempat and bebudak nie! alhamdulillah

during our first meet, i still remember nama Mukhlis, on noon i started to forget his name and start to wonder what is his name?!! Muflis? no! okay his name is Mukhlis! then on evening, when i called him to ask him to stay with me bcs i malas nak pantau dia pegi mana (penat weh) he didn't showed up! omgg where are u?!!! my friends pon tolong panggil Mukhsil! Mukhsil! Mukhsil! ughh where are u boy?!!! Adam came to me and said that his name is MUKHLIS not MUKHSIL :)

we keep this love in photograph :)

overall, i keep asking myself to stop being too emotional as Mukhlis and the other kids are very pure. they were born and raise with beautiful manners! besides that, they are so smart! they asked lots of questions to us until we screwed up due to the lackness of knowledges! out of thousands questions that Mukhlis can asks, he chose to ask me, ''Jambatan buat daripada apa?'' when i answered the question, he went beyond. i don't want to share with him a fantasy story like the bridge is made by a fairy because he is far smarter than me and lying is not good. at one moment, i feel like i wanna ask him to stay silent and not asking me hard questions because i'm tired to explain everything. i'm mean i know. luckily i don't do that because i don't want to spoil his eagerness to explore new things and i want to build his self-esteem by not being afraid to ask as he deserves to know and no one can stop him from seeking Allah's knowledge. 

Mukhlis is kinda perceive at first, he just nodded his head when i ask something and it make me feels like 'am i a boring guardian?' i'm strict i can't deny it. however, as time flies, we manage to cope with each other. i made a very simple rules for both of us. 'wherever he wants to go, he must go with me and hold my hands. besides, if he wants to go to the toilet or etc, he must get my permission first! i do it to ease both side. i'm his guardian and i'm 100% responsible if there is something happen to him.  to be more secure, i keep remind him that i'm his guardian of the day and my name is KAKAK LIA! being kid, i'm just afraid he will forget my name so i keep remind him again, follow after me, nama kita  ''K.A.K.A.K L.I.A'' overprotective issue 

basically we had a zoo tour. 3 km u understand why i need to be that protective. during the tour, while we are in the elephant section, u can buy some food from the 'counter' to feed the elephant. mukhlis showed his innocent face wanted me to buy the food. it's not costly but still i insist to not buy him the food because tengah hujan renyai-renyai and i just afraid we will be moved to another place and the food will be wasted. sorry not sorry, i don't buy him the food. then. he went to the other kid to get some foods so he can feed the elephant. when the foods were finished, he tried to ask from the other kid until there is one male guardian said ''nie anak sapa nie?'' i just laughed emotionless to him and said ''anak aku'' dalam hati dah bermonolog 'buat malu aku je!' lol

overall, i'm so bless this kind of place exist! massive thank you to the guardian who taking care all  of these kids. You guys totally shape them with a very beautiful attitude. May Allah help this guardian to raise all these kids. To all kiddo, may u guys grow up and succeed to achieve your dream. No mater we go, jaga akhlak okay?!! Spread the kindness and love. also keep remind people about Allah and jangan tinggal solat! (i'm like a mother)

 Adam said when he grow up he wants to be a Pejuang Islam because he wanna brings umat Islam ke jalan yang benar dan ke Syurga. i get speechless and shame with myself. soul of 8 years-old kid. May Allah bless us  :)


This is the a duo task at where we need to interview 3 people to get  their opinions regarding to newspaper nowadays. our main topic is about Terrorism in Lahad Datu. since it's really hard to find a good respondent, i have set up a meeting with my beloved teacher (she used to be a journalist), my neighbor (writer and journalist) and my friend's dad who is a bank officer. their feedback were super! behind the scene of this decent photo, we had face lot of bullshit. still, the experience and cooperation totally worth it! bersusah dahulu bersenang kemudian :) 

for grouping task, no research from internet, all from books! so every tuesday we will go to the library and do some research. i'm suck in searching the books! i don't even know how to read the 'code' on the books and on the books shelve. complicated. while my group mate have found few books that we are going to borrow, i'm still blur mak ayam can't even find one! ugh i'm not a library lover. still, no matter how u like it or not, every Tuesday morning/whenever we had a free time, LIBRARY weh! 

resources for to our topic (press freedom) are quite limited so i decided to take another alternative to go to UIA and do extra research. such an honored when i can utilize all the facilities available. the library and cafe in uia izzzzz awesome man!  my group mate, syakirah also do extra work by checking which library yang ada buku best and resourceful!  

subject nie pon pressure gila because our lecturer is highly demanding! our paperwork have been rejected due to small mistakes. so basically we need to do some adjustment. common things aite. during the presentation, we can be considered as a lucky group as we are the last group who will presenting our project. so we manage to see other group punya weakness point dimana kami boleh selitkan dalam Do's and Don'ts in order to perform a better job. seeing the other group yang kena condemn teruk and rejected, bloody hell i'm so nervous as i'm going to present the first case study and commonly most of the group problem dengan case study. during our presentation, madam stared right on your eyes, your gesture and she totally give a full concentration. nervous but its time to prove that we can do thissss

eventually, "a very good research. ini adalah kerja orang yang rajin. case study yang kita semua tak tahu and bagus. satu kepantangan saya, saya tak suka bila orang mengajar saya sebab saya tahu most of the things, but u guys just did it!'' 

huge relief! alhamdullillah this is what i wanted to hear! behind this compliment, during our first time consultation, she said to me, ''zamaliah, team awak tak melakukan tugas dengan baik'' balik kelas i nangis sedih sebab penat tau kami duduk library pastu kena reject dengan comment pedasss haha. weh we did it! 


 for this subject, basically we need to come out/create a new instruction that can be followed by the students in UiTM Lendu and we must apply the syllabus in our project. so we come out with an idea on how to ease the pedestrian in uitm :) how to ease?!! okay like this!  we put few umbrellas with marks on the shuttle stop specifically for Kolej Tun Perak residents. those who prefer to walk rather than waiting for the long queue shuttle can use the umbrella to walk so that they can reach to the class early. oleh itu, no more late comers to class! this project went well jugak yeah

this third semester would be my last 'aktiviti koko ' yeahhh officially grad from Kesatria (kawad kaki semester 1) and wellness (semester 2 and 3) thank u pak ucop and mdm Ita! no more cheating and gelak gelak bila kena paksa buat fitness, takde dah buat-buat tido (malas nak pergi) bila Sara, Syakirah, Amalia and Anis ajak pergi wellness lol


this is the bloodiest assignment yang membuatkan kehidupan aku berubah 360 darjah haha. nasib baik worth it tau! basically for this task, kami kena come out with satu idea either nak hasilkan product or buat service. we chose to create a service. we not only to prepare the paper work, we need to present our final presentation dekat 3 judges, (CEO and the other 2 judges- i don't remember) these judges are real! what i mean is, they are exactly a real CEO from a company, a marketing manager, a successful entrepreneur! so kami punya business mestilah real dan haruslah ada carta organisasi company di mana terdapat CEO, marketing manager, operational manager, administration manager and financial manager. i hold the position of financial manager and i totally regret for accepting the position lol jk. walaupun ada jawatan olok-olok, tanggungjawab dia tak memain weh bila kau kena buat paperwork bebetul macam kau KONONNYA nak start business and kau kena monitor business kau sampai ke third year...

we proudly name our service as

what we do? we don't sell gro/women okay! so basically our business is about serving people. we provided a service of delivering groceries in front of our customer door step. gitchu.  bagaimana nak purchase? kami ada web page di mana uolls boleh click click untuk shopping groceries and we will deliver it asap as we use 3 bijik hilux untuk penghataran okay! those aunty/uncle yang tak expert guna internet, can just ring us di talian.... haa pening kepala financial manager lepastu nak balance kan duit bayar hilux dan expenses lain di samping memastikan company tak berapa berjaya kami tak bankrupt! menyesal beli hilux sampai 3 bijik haha jk. nak kasi balance duit, expenses lain like computer tak boleh guna brand Apple. cukuplah sekadar lenovo. gempak gak weh lenovo utk setakat nak check order dari customer beli ikan selar kuning 2 kilo jeeee haha. 

behind the scene untuk siapkan segalanya, memang DISASTER. koyakkkk siapkan paperwork. even everyone played their role, still there must be lackness in everywhere. being a financial manager, aku nak kena baca details manager lain punya paperwork and cari kesalahan dorang sampai dorang benci aku sebab asek kena tegur lol. yalah, how i can proceed my work bila harga tak fix, gaji lain-lain, expenditure, business license, utilities tak complete?!! overall we manage to complete everything setelah mengharungi sleepless night most of the day. dah lah tido lambat pastu kena bangun pagi semata-mata nak pergi library buat research journalism pastu pegi kedai untuk survey harga and print logo, flyers and etc. phew we put lot of efforts for this company.  disebabkan subject nie jugak somehow i get 'close' and communicate more with my classmate. most of the day, group lain or even dari class lain datang bilik aku untuk mintak tolong selesaikan masalah financial company mereka sampai ke 3-5 pagi.  tetibe rasa calculation best gila! anyway, mana yang terlayan kasar tu maaf lah ye pasal saya kekadang sangat serious bila bekerja

luckily i have a strong team for this subject as everyone is satisfied with each other work. flyers, badge, company logo are de bomb! kiteorang sediakan goodies bag berisikan sayuran. kau mampu bagi seorang ceo sayur kucai? (bila lelaki beli groceries..layannnn) subject nie menyebabkan koyak mental fizikal dan juga poket...paperwork je dah rm50+ belum lagi duit nak bayar flyers kucai dan  segalanya adui tak sangka we have been through it! 

a day before presentation, we had a final meet up to explain everyone punya scope of work so everyone akan tahu company nie punya performance, operational plan semua macam mana. nervoussss. kami present dekat Dewan Taming Sari and each group akan dapat satu booth. this is a combination from different course and semester. our first judge is the CEO, everything looks fine until she started to ask us random questions. OMG WHY SO HARD?!! when we answer, she must question everything back! what if, why, how, when, where, what...endlessly questions. bila sampai part financial and performance company, damn i terus lupa nak sebut digit number macam mana so i decided to just sebut 1346999 instead of sebut 1 million..thousands..hundreds... 

she gave us a compliment. presentation was good and we are very defensive katanya! alhamdulillah! she even gave us some advice for Do's and Don'ts in starting up a business. she is so niceeee and friendly. so bad we didn't have the chance to ask her name. the other 2 judges, dorang lebih 'menghakimi' and not exactly listen to what we wanted to explain as they just cut everything. K 

overall, we lose the competition (yes it's a competition too) but the experience totally worth it! banyak gila ilmu yang dapat diaplikasikan and i'm so honored bila dapat present depan stranger. all the stressful day is over! marks pon puas hati, yess the judges yg bagi markah bukannya lecturer okay. phew huge relief! i'm officially retired from financial manager and i never regret holding the position. 

after we finished answering our first paper. where's pillow?!! i don't even want to sleep but i want to cry alsooo. sober 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Result semester 3

Hey guys

congratulations untuk bombastic result semuanya. thank you for answering our prayers dear beloved :)

semester 3, stressful yet wonderful. Aku boleh tetibe nangis dalam class sebab penat sangat, nangis over simple things like nak pergi meet up tapi takde decent bra because semua cuci lol. but through all the stressful journey, i learnt a lot.

aku rarely bercakap dengan classmate sendiri pastu tetibe semester nie kena banyak communicate untuk perkongsian ilmu. Orang yg tak pernah kau expect untuk kau duduk duduk lepak bincang soalan and debate jawapan jadi study buddies kau. Circle of friends utk share ilmu makin random and besar. Siapa sangka

Jadi sleepyhead memang struggle bila kena celik sampai 5 pagi most of the day hanya untuk siapkan assignment. Celik lagi sampai 3-5 pagi untuk hari-hari yg mendatang untuk tolong group lain buat assignment. Terlajak ke kelas pukul 8 pagi especially kelas pagi rabu memang common sebab tak larat sangat. kalau pergi pon rarely dapat digest apa yg di ajar. End up hanya mampu senyum tawar je bila tengok carrymarks untuk quiz 0 sebab terlajak tido and terlepas jawab quiz. Pengajaran

Kekadang sampai naik emo bila orang asyik whatsapp tanya pasal assignment. Kalau aku bukak class, mesti kaya dengan hasil mengajar dan aku mampu beli waffle hari-hari pasal waffle peanut and strawberry adalah stres reliever aku. Niat songsang sikit bila penat

Dengan data yg cepat gila habis and takde basic internet, aku sampai kena off data and on data pada certain time je. Rezeki korang lah kalau aku reply on time, kalau tidak 2-3 pagi or esok pagi baru aku reply. Sampai kalau ada yg nak tegur kat whatsapp siap check dulu aku kat twitter. kalau aku tweet, maksudnya aku on lah. Kesian. Semakin busy, sacrifice sikit lah duit untuk data. Guna duit raya kot bayar monthly bills yg dah over limit. Utk memastikan aku tak over limit, aku reply kat priorities je. Mana yg kena bluetick or aku lupa reply, faham lah ye. Tahap busy sampai lupa nak whatsapp crush sampai tawar hati dah kat dia sebab rasa kerja lagi penting lololol

Phone rosak macam abdefghjkl. Hilang semuaaaa not even one of the contact numbers. K i'm used to it :)

Assignments banyak task luar. Duit melayang bayar minyak/tol, printing poster, badge, paperwork. Print satu paperwork nie sampai rm 50+ terkejut group member nak bayar belum campur expenses lain. Spend je semua duit, sesak nak makan fikir later. Every week muka tebal mintak parents duit bcs ptptn dah habis lol.

Kalau groupmate kau tak tido, maksudnya kau pon tak boleh tido. Barulah fair and square kan. Makan samyang pukul 1 pagi gegelak cuba ceriakan keadaan yg tegang. Aku jatuhkan samyang atas carpet haha nasib baik group mate tetap nak makan. We had face so many pressure, assignments kena reject, aku meletop, koyak teruk, misunderstanding, rasa nak maki group mate sendiri..u name it.

Study week, first time balik Lendu awal semata-mata nak study sebab tahu abilities diri tak pandai so kena struggle untuk cover balik quiz yg markahnya kosong... Hari-hari consume caffeine utk wide awake.

Everytime balik dari jawab paper mesti down. Down sebab ngantuk gila sampai tak boleh nak concentrate. Keluar hall dengan silly mistake yg tak boleh di ubah. Semester nie rasa tak puas jawab paper bcs half of me dah give up. Almost nak tinggalkan paper blank tapi rasa derhaka pulak kat mak aku yg every week bagi duit makan. Ugh! Still what is the point of studying if end up ngantuk during the battle and buat silly mistakes?!! Dalam ngantuk, paksa diri habiskan essay sambil monolog dalam hati kira markah utk jawapan yg confident betul and probably salah. Last paper tak study sangat, first time dlm sejarah Zamaliah tak buat latihan. Perangai

Eventually, everything is worth it. terima kasih sbb selalu selitkan nama aku dlm doa :)

Cgpa : 3.73

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

pity boyfriend

hey guys

somehow i feel so grateful for not having boyfriend at this moment because he surely will be NEGLECTED by me. sometimes i totally have no time for myself, then wanna spend my time for you? sorry man

I even struggling to open my eyes to make sure i'm awake in order to make sure i manage to take one decent photo lol! soon lah, 19 still young to think abt a man hewhew

Sunday, 28 August 2016

i'm still alive

Hey guys

schedule are totally pack in Lendu. If only i got my free time, i won't spend it for blogging as i will redeem back all my sleepless night. tidur lagi penting okay?! i have stopped playing netball for this semester or even participating in any sports activities as i have tanned enough! demss when can i get a flawless skin even i know it's kinda impossible for a sensitive skin like me! actually i tengah take my break dari buat Public Relation assignment hewhew zamaliah totally got no life. so yass i have missed lot of updates sobs i kerai!! will try to update everything (perhaps) asap before i lupa apa yg dah berlaku and let it faded away just like dat. it is sad u know bila lupa memorable things yg berlaku kat diri sendiri nanti bila dah tua nak citer apa kat cucu ai nanti?! At least with de existence of blog, boleh lah ai ask my cucus baca nanti lol. okay back to work, xoxo!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

cerita ramadhan

hey guys

decided to go home after 2 weeks living in Lendu. I knew mom is watching de way I eat as de way I eat memang macam orang kebulur, less than 10 minutes I manage to clean my plate. oh masakan Mak is de bomb!

Mak tahu I tak makan fancy fancy dekat tempat study sebab I picky and selalu buat catuan untuk berjimat. I try so hard untuk tak exceed rm8 per day. bukan kedekut, depends on type makanan jugak. besides, I masih dalam catuan perbelanjaan sebab tengah working untuk benda lain. cewah

we went to supermarket and bazar Ramadhan on Saturday. I nak everythingggg omg de plum fruit look so tempting! I cakap to my mom "look de plum!" Tapi mak just walk away. sobs. I nak kebab, murtabak, roti John, caramel! amboi nafsu besar.

being me yang cepat emo, I sedih bila tak jumpa murtabak yang tempting dekat Bazar but still beli jugak sebab craving. tapi dekat Rumah, Ali yang habiskan murtabak i. dasar sun bear!

hari Ahad which is de day I nak balik Lendu, my bus akan bertolak at 715 p.m di mana I akan iftar dekat dalam bus. wah salam perantauan sangat! knowing dat news, mak balik dari supermarket dengan excitement suruh I makan buah plum that she bought for me! is it a surprise? she quickly buatkan caramel for me even waktu iftar nanti baru I boleh makan. excited belikan nugget utk I makan dalam bus and know me well what kind of nugget yang I suka. tanya nak bawak nasi tak and etc. she have that big fat generous heart, cuma I only have 2 hands to carry all de loads. sorry Mak, no nasi dis time. but mom, u know your picky eater daughter so W.E.L.L. panjangkan umur bondaku dear beloved!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

end of semester break part 2

hey guys

less than 1 hour, I'm going back to lenduuuu. semester 3 is going to begin. wow! semester 3, plsssss be wonderful! anyway, I'm going to celebrate my first Ramadan in lenduuu sobs. new thing for me! But that's okay I iz cool, no tears phew lap air mata! still in de mood of packing, obviously I dun want to go to lenduuuu. boleh tak bawak Rumah I letak kat dlm lendu. Sudut Rumah tu berdepan dengan fakulti so I tak payah berlecak ketiak pergi class. *blow nails bajet diva*

Salam Ramadhan,  holy month is coming very soon! Semoga kita manfaatkannya to de fullest! hello lendufornia, see u soon!

Marissa, nanti aunty balik rumah nak tengok awak  dah pandai buat acrobatic dalam air okay!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

kisah level 3

hey guys

sem 2, bilik dekat ground floor, effortlessly steps terus sampai depan bilik omg tak payah penat berjalan sampai peha melecet.

dari bilik jalan tak sampai 10  tapak dah sampai depan pintu toilet, laundry and mesin refill air . Bilik meeting and pantri sebelah bilik je! dekat sangat sampai rasa alahaiii ketiak tak sempat berpeluh. kalau nak buat laundry, tak payah angkut baju beberat sebab tempat penyidai belakang my room je. lepastu  dari pintu bilik siap boleh usha pakcik wafle bukak ke tak  and aim  cafe apa yg bukak kat bentara. apa nie semuanya sangat convenient! ouh bilik 012 kuuuu!

tapi semua keindahan itu diragut dengan kepahitan yang harus dimamah. sem 3 dapat bilik level 3. did u know how much I hate stairs!!!! kene prepare extra tissue untuk lap ketiak yang dah buat waterfall lol hiperbola 

taking dis things in positive ways after I've sigh sigh sigh. there's silver lining behind it. ini pon satu rezeki. biar jantung tu pam darah laju sikit sebab makin active bergerak lol. mungkin dari level 3 lebih jelas pemandangan nak usha bakal zauj dekat bentara (cafe) ku daki tangga cinta kita oh bertabah lah hati

sorry waktu nie hati tengah koyak. kesakitannya lebih teruk daripada kene friendzone. ouh tak, friend zone lagi sakit sikit

Saturday, 28 May 2016

foto-foto experiences part 2

hey guys

i complain pasal kehidupan seharian yang semakin stress

''was wondering kenapa kenapa kene belajar camera''

''sebab nak ajar ai ambik gambar''


 sharing session day! 

i'm not teaching, i cuma share my karat-skills :) 


venue: setia ecohill semenyih
members: zamaliah, wanie, Asyraf
       camera : camera dslr canon eos 70D

overall, i'm not satisfied with de shots because didn't succeed to cover all the technique sobs. actually ada best shot of panning BUT Ali hanya send to me 2 photos yang so-so dan sendu. (Ali in charge transferkan gambar) thanks Ali hmm obviously  tak ikhlas. it was a good experiences for me. first time guna eos 70D not bad lah the attempt. de function sangat bagus, maybe later can explore more! found lackness in balancing de exposure, iso. as u can see, most of de photo sangat bright til rumput yang hijau pon nampak putih haha. enjoy de shot and de weather. dapat perfect suntanned sobs. kondisi kulit sangat mendukacitaan, but that's okay lah barulah aku boleh feeling summer holiday gituhh zZZZ

sangat seronok dan mix feeling tengok gardener tu bekerja. panas panas pon gigih gemburkan tanah, kemaskan potongan pokok and layan kiteorang nak ambik gambar. bila kami nak ambik gambar, malu malu pastu macam seronok pon ada, teasing each other. terkedu jugak ah dah pepenat pon boleh gelak-gelak. kalau aku mesti muka dah emo jadi kotak empat segi, ntah ntah orang yang mintak ambik gambar kene tampar hahaha. pastu tengok depa rehat alahai kesiannyaaa. semoga rezeki mereka diberkati, dipanjangkan umur dan diberi kesihatan yang baik untuk menjaga taman ecohill tu, respect! how a stranger could give an impact and lesson :) 

Asyraf took all de photos accept the photo of himself and de shoes shot. ini hanyalah sebahagian gambar. phew awesome attempt bro gua amaze!!!  all de candid photos r de boom :p berbakat dalam ambik gambar curi curi ye kamu! lol.  do hope tak serik, menyesal and boring buat sharing session dengan si tak expert!

thanks wanie sebab seronok jadi model dan driveee. nanti aku bawak kau pulak eh, kalau kau tak serik jadi penumpang illegal aku :) emoticon shomel ade kat wasep je :p

 behind de scene...
kalau ikutkan plan, we supposedly start de activity between 7 a.m-7.30 a.m til 11 a.m. i'm expecting kita dapat follow the track tapi plan lari sangat sebab ade orang tu terlajak tidurrrr. i dah siap since 7 a.m.....if I knew i should sambung tidur balik patutnya! honestly, one of my kepantangan, aku tak suke menunggu dan aku boleh jadi gadis yang sangat beremosi. tapi aku sejenis yang akan cepat reda dan kesian, nak marah orang tak sampai hati unless de person is my brother.  Asyraf punya lambat, aku dah sempat pergi rumah dye, pergi mamak having my breakfast dengan wanie then baru dye get prepared :') nasib baik aku dah makan, emosi dah stabil sikit, kalau tak boleh buat perang! tapi dari sudut bersangka baik, aku memang claim dye tidur tak sedar. knowing man, tidur susah gilaa nak bangun. i hate to wake my lil brotha sebab aku nak kene keluarkan highest pitch sampai tahap rasa nak simbah air panas. zZZZ. end up we started our day around 9.  even de weather sangat sunny, tapi mata i sentiasa sejuk memandang u. K i should stop making lame pickupline.

look who approach us. i cakap dengan kucing nie ''pegi kejut Acap, dye tidur tu!'' dan kucing nie ''meow meow'' seolah mengiayakan kata-kata aku ''memang kuat tidur tuan saya nie'' lol

emo girlzzz yang dah high nak tidur. balik dari ecohill, afta i settle all my house chores, collapse!

 thank you for reading it to de last! xoxo

sorry lah kalau gambar nampak biashe biashe je tak hisptur macam gambar awucks semua lol