Tuesday, 3 November 2015

gua gerak solo dulu~

hey guys

many people including my family members always ask dis killer questions to me 

'tak de matair ke?' (matair means boyfriend)

'kau single?'

'kau tu choosy sangat, tu pasal single!'

'eh loner!' 

soooo yahh i'm going to answer u guys punye 'wondering'  :P

dear people,
first, thank u for being soconcern! but still why  u want to busy with my buisness. go make your own life lah. lol jk! ermm reason why i chose to remain single ... gaisss, i'm just 18 and i'm totally  wondering why i need to rush in finding a boyfriend? too young seh to stress out about this thing. for me, when the time comes, i'm going to be with the right one. alright, i'm sorry if my writing might hurt some feelings but i've de right to shout out my voice aite? so chill okay, its going to be a light writing only, i hope sooo! 

so people, it's totally a lie if i said i dun feel de emptiness inside my heart, i dun get jealosus and i dun feel like a loner when everytime i'm surrounded with my friends who are majority have a partner. to scroll the timeline on twitter and read the tweet about  relationship goalssssss, to see couples post their sweet moments
on instagram and  yesss those who get married at de early age. hmmp gilaa tak meroyan aku! but commonly it just a temporary feeling because i'm happy with my status as a 'single' whyyyy? yesss whyyy? 

because i believe that 'it's not de right time to have a 'partner' yet, so totally there's a major reason behind it. based on my past experience and surrounding, it really open my eyes that i'm not going to waste my time for the wrong people. in fact, i dun really mind if people esp man who want to say i'm such a poyo, lame, sombong and bla bla bla ... at least people who are close with me know de true color of me. anyway hello man, why bother? if i dun treat u like what u expect it to be, it's absolutely show that  i'm not a kind of girl that u can play around and take an advantage. there's a different okay between making friends and flirting. anyway, why i want to waste my sweetness, my craziness, my smartness to a man who neva know how to appreciate and only hoping for a perfection from a girl? are u perfect enough mann? sorry to say dis, i only saw couple nowdays looking for  a mate only to manja manja, mate to share sex storiessss (dont deny it!) can pengang pengang and basically u need a mate because u teringin as your surrounded sumenya ada partner. right?  wattehek meh, trust me, ur mate is only using u for fun, dah bosan blahh than cari a new partner untuk lepaskan bosann ... cinta bukan based on nafsuu gaiss

being honest, it's so hard for me to accept someone in my life even a friend. took lot of time okay to adapt with it. so when it comes to boyfriend issue, i really take it seriously. i will not accept somone unless i'm really so in love with dat man because i should make sure my mental and physical is well prepared.will i be ready to accept his weakness, to accept his flaws, to accept his temper and de list is keep on going. love cant be play, u cant love someone by his/her appearance because it didnt last long. what, u want to expect ur mate will have a good looking for 24/7? nooo they will not. same goes to me, will my man will willingly accept me for who i am? i'm just a unpredictable sobber with lot of weakness. 

u know, sometimes i found dat it's kinda funny to see couple out there who can easily change their mate. saying those sweet things to their lovers without knowing what is de true meaning behind their words. masa couple kemain siap janji stay loyal and hanya kematian saja yang memisahkan kita but a week later, both with a new partner. u know, de cycle beputar kat situ je where kau sesenang serahkan every single things kat partner korang dengan janji merepek tu pastu clash pastu kau janji balik de same things dengan partner baru kau. using de same modal. lol ntah ntah copy all de sweet words from google je! i totally cant find apa yang special and bahagianyaa dis kind of 'relationship' bcause i only found de word of 'deseprate' so please lah people especially freshie adik adik yang konon-konon rasa diri tu da besar sangat, think and look back to yourself. u have a dignity, dun waste it! jangan sesenang jatuh hati, melting dengan lelaki yang kononnya nak sehidup semati setia dengan korang. itu semua umpama menanam tebu di tepi bibir!

a good man will neva touch a girl same goes to a good girl. memang fitrah manusia ada perasaan untuk 'baby crush' towards someone. it just how u control it. jangan sampai makan diri sendiri, always and always sedar our limitation okay? doesnt mean u reject someone, kau kononnya sombong acacah cantik. no, it just a stupid mentally by some people. so before couple tu, think back the consequence rather than de excitement. dun easily kasi everything kat gf/bf kau sebab at de end apa yang kau simpan untuk diri kau? even kau
 meroyan suke kat lelaki sekacak Tom Cruise pon, if your heart say 'NO' then u  should not risking yourself sebab kau tak ready lagi. fikir setinggi 7 petala langit pon tak pe tau sbb u are going to give something precious (sayang, cinta and blah blah) to someone who should deserve it. so it's okay kalau kau tak dapat bersama Tom Cruise sekalipon, reserve all your sweetness for ur husband. cinta hakiki gitchuuu.

so people, to be honest, i'm looking for a serious relationship not a puppy, monkey erghh whatever love. i'm still remain single till today sebab i dun find sesapa lagi or tak de sapa nak kat aku sobss! just wait lah eh for de upcoming years, in shaa allah i will belong to someone. omg aku tulis sebegini serious!!!!! okay i'll neva know what will happen on de upcoming days and of course upcoming years, so do pray for me okay? and of course doa for everyone semoga kita semua terjaga and whatever things that we do, we got Allah bless. doa yang bebaik hookay! cari allah dulu, baru cari jodoh :) last, power spec aku naik, rabun teroxxx. bye

nie serious last, i found a good quote on google, so yes thank u mr google! it said,


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