Saturday, 24 October 2015

end of semester satu

hey guys

so on de 17 october of Saturday, i'm no longer a part 1 student. gitchuuu! alhamdulillah i made it to de last :) so being a university student, i neva expect it to be easy like what the tv basically feed us. and u know, to complete dis first semester, i got de best package of hardship, however at de end of de semester,  i gain a valuable lesson in life. besides, i should be thank to Allah for testing me because He had train and shape me a lil bit more on how to be a survivor. (feeling like a ninja lol motivee?) so people better u watch out ah, dun play play with me, i kick your ass nanti!

overall for first semester, i do enjoy my studies (not really actually) and to be able experiencing lot of things are totally great where not everyone gain the same experience like what i got. yahhh at least i have something special to keep hahaha! to know seniors in person really motivate me to not stop aiming and achieve my goals in studies. goodluck seniors! to meet new friends that i neva met dis before really open my eyes that not all friendship will last long. sometimes de person that u're close enough will be de person that u want to avoid de most. staying far away from family, then u can see there's some people who will take dis golden oppurtinities to be as wild as they can be.  'culture shock' maybe. when it comes to money, students including me always overspent it lol. maybe i should attend de seminar pengurusan duit so i can spend it wisely. i always overspent my money (rm 1.80) to buy ice cream milo everyday. sometimes twice a day hahah i just cant stop buying it!!! working with people especially grouping task can drive u madly if you got helpless group mate but it will be great if u got a good one. so on de upcoming semester, i bet everyone has marked who should be avoid and who should not be. classmate, so far i'm still in adapting process and i'm doing good so far well i guess. talking about classmates, phew really competitive. do hope all of us will pass with flying colors for dis final exam amin in shaa allah!

eherm i'm getting nearer to de finishing! if i didnt cut my entry, it will be 7 pages long. seems like there's a tendency meh. so to make it short, thanks everyone who have contribute a lot during dis first semester. may allah repay all of it mmuah! i've lost few people in my life but to think about it back, it's okay to lose that kind of people. de moment when i'm losing my hope, lost my direction, there must be people who remind me of God, ask me to not giving up easily and non stop spreading de positive vibes. thank you i'll neva forget dat moment. big thanks to Tun Sabariah (my college) for de best facilities! i really appreciate it! to housmate, thank you for accepting me to be one of your housmate. lastly, de memories may be fade away on one fine day due to my short memories lol, but all of you will remain in my heart. gitchuuu gaisss. sorry for all my wrong doing too. til we meet again ya everyone in shaa allah, mmuah ciked! happy holiday, make dis holiday a de beneficial one! berfore i forget, pardon my grammar and sentences! i know it's suck right

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