Wednesday, 28 October 2015


hey guys

wazzup people? currently i'm busy lazying at home doing nothing while listening to my mom punye nagging. lol no no no, tak productive gilaa cuti kau zamaliah. okay sekarang nie aku dekat Korea tengah vacation bersama oppa oppa eherm kejap nak hashtag #zamaliahonvacation. panjang bebenor hashtag hahah. okay tipu je, sebenarnya aku kerja tapi jenis perkerjaan tepaksa dirahsiakan jeng jeng jeng (bunyi petir)

guys, pardon me for de annoying and lenghty introduction eh! okay focus jari focus! so actually kitewww nak citer pasal MYTEKSI, de apps that i'm using untuk naik taxi. bende nie dah lama ade if i'm not mistaken like 2-3 years ago, less or more lorh. okay with MYTEKSI, korang boleh dapatkan taxi as soon as possible, harga yang fix dan boleh booking jugak. to be honest, aku tak pecaya sangat dengan some driver because based on my last experience, some taxi driver main letak je harga yang melambung tinggi even bole dapat harga yang lagi murah. dulu from ioi mall putrajaya nak balik semenyih (my house area) de taxi driver mintak rm 50 then afta aku acah acah, aku dapat rm 30 balik semenyih. see, dapat cut sampai rm 20. so please lah jangan main letak je harga even nak untung. iolss paham but still jangan lah too much. so u guys should not be worry now sebab kan dah ade MYTEKSI :)

i bet majority of us dah tahu pasal bende nie but still aku nak share jugak :p so ayuh install henpon canggih korangsss tu dengan apps MYTEKSI nie

lepas dah install, korang kene buat few things. nanti explore sendiri okay senang je :p after that barulah korang bole guna bende nie. tengok kat bawah, tempat pick up korang letak lah tempat yang korang nak taxi drive tu fetch uolls and drop off kat mana. pastu nampak tak ade 3 kind of cars, korang pilih lah nak kereta yang mana satu. aku selalu ambik budget taxi which is taxi yang biasa tu je sebab kalau ambik yang premium, menangis iolls nak bayar hahahah. so ikut korang okay?

see de harga below there? haa itulah harga from Metro Kajang to Mida Valley Megamall sebagai contoh ye sebagai contoh! kalau korang nak, just click book budget taxi and sepantas kilat taxi driver akan call korang and tanye 'adik manis mau naik taxi ke?' hahah yang adik manis tu aku gurau saja tambah. so de driver will call uolls untuk comfirmation. kat gamba atas tadi nampak tak banyak taxi yang tetumpu kat sorang budak tu? haa itu symbolise banyak taxi kat area tempat kau nak naik dan nearest taxi yang akan fetch kau. before korang book budget taxi tu, dye akan tunjuk muka, nama, no plat kereta and no phone de taxi driver, detail kannn!!!!! haa banyak tanda seru sebagai tande penekanan gitchuuu. nanti masa korang dah sampai ke destination seperti Mid Valley wich will cost u guys rm 35 (contoh) korang kene bayara rm 2 for government regulated booking fee total adelah rm 37. dan korang bole bagi rate utk taxi tu. nak kasi bapa bintang pon boleeee. best kan? kalau kasi sikit bintang, at least boleh lah taxi tu improve dye punya kekurangan. tak gitchuu?

so tunggu apa lagi, cepat install apps MYTEKSI. tak complete lah apps dalam phone korang kalau korang tak de MYTEKSI :P happy trying uolls, semoga dengan little sharing nie dapat tolong korang! 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

end of semester satu

hey guys

so on de 17 october of Saturday, i'm no longer a part 1 student. gitchuuu! alhamdulillah i made it to de last :) so being a university student, i neva expect it to be easy like what the tv basically feed us. and u know, to complete dis first semester, i got de best package of hardship, however at de end of de semester,  i gain a valuable lesson in life. besides, i should be thank to Allah for testing me because He had train and shape me a lil bit more on how to be a survivor. (feeling like a ninja lol motivee?) so people better u watch out ah, dun play play with me, i kick your ass nanti!

overall for first semester, i do enjoy my studies (not really actually) and to be able experiencing lot of things are totally great where not everyone gain the same experience like what i got. yahhh at least i have something special to keep hahaha! to know seniors in person really motivate me to not stop aiming and achieve my goals in studies. goodluck seniors! to meet new friends that i neva met dis before really open my eyes that not all friendship will last long. sometimes de person that u're close enough will be de person that u want to avoid de most. staying far away from family, then u can see there's some people who will take dis golden oppurtinities to be as wild as they can be.  'culture shock' maybe. when it comes to money, students including me always overspent it lol. maybe i should attend de seminar pengurusan duit so i can spend it wisely. i always overspent my money (rm 1.80) to buy ice cream milo everyday. sometimes twice a day hahah i just cant stop buying it!!! working with people especially grouping task can drive u madly if you got helpless group mate but it will be great if u got a good one. so on de upcoming semester, i bet everyone has marked who should be avoid and who should not be. classmate, so far i'm still in adapting process and i'm doing good so far well i guess. talking about classmates, phew really competitive. do hope all of us will pass with flying colors for dis final exam amin in shaa allah!

eherm i'm getting nearer to de finishing! if i didnt cut my entry, it will be 7 pages long. seems like there's a tendency meh. so to make it short, thanks everyone who have contribute a lot during dis first semester. may allah repay all of it mmuah! i've lost few people in my life but to think about it back, it's okay to lose that kind of people. de moment when i'm losing my hope, lost my direction, there must be people who remind me of God, ask me to not giving up easily and non stop spreading de positive vibes. thank you i'll neva forget dat moment. big thanks to Tun Sabariah (my college) for de best facilities! i really appreciate it! to housmate, thank you for accepting me to be one of your housmate. lastly, de memories may be fade away on one fine day due to my short memories lol, but all of you will remain in my heart. gitchuuu gaisss. sorry for all my wrong doing too. til we meet again ya everyone in shaa allah, mmuah ciked! happy holiday, make dis holiday a de beneficial one! berfore i forget, pardon my grammar and sentences! i know it's suck right

Thursday, 22 October 2015

jalan-jalan melakaaaa

hey guy

071015 - travelogue melaka
u know, it's like i'm going to waste my lifetime studying in Melaka (UITM Alor Gajah) if i neva take de opportunities to explore dis famous historical place. dont u guys think de same huh? if u say no, then u're not my loyal readers. lol jk! so on de beautiful day of 7 october, we decided to jalan jalan around melakaaaaa. just unfortunately we have no luck to cover every inch of de place as we're lack of time because tomorrow we have paper to seat for final exam heheh :p eherm so dear readers, my advice is, u should read dis post till i reach my last words okay bcoz i promise this post is going to be a fancy one. perhaps.

from our university, we took a bus to Alor Gajah to board another bus that will bring us to Melaka Sentral. then from Melaka Sentral we took another bus...yes another bus okayyy another busssss to Bandar Hilir. i know it's kinda complicated where u need to change and change de bus but heyyy it's actually funn and jimat duit where u can keep your money for other things heheh! sign to know we've reached our destination, yes we will see de red building and de church. so ouhh yeahhhh gojes girlsss comeeeeee to explore u bebeh

everything still on point



so our first destination is heading to that merah building. i do love this bangunan merah because de place sangat bersih dan terjaga! thank u to those yang jaga tempat nie dengan baik. i salute seriously! kat sini ada memacam including museum. sorry i dun rememba what museum it is, short memories lol. and got so many touristtttt. de photo yang kat atas nie actually gamba kami dengan tourist from china. actually we're looking for someone yang bole dipercayai untuk ambekkan gamba kiteorang berempat then suddenly one of de man approach and mintak ambek gamba dengan kiteorang. wahhh iolls feeling retis gilaa dat moment. uolls nampak tak one man with white shoes tu, please focus on his legs, i dunno what make him become so clumsy sampai dye nak tejatuhh hanya utk ambik gambaa nie. maybe terkesima tengok aku cute sangat kot ewahh malu kitaa hiks. anyway dear tourist, happy enjoying ur vacation, wishing u guys have lot of fun here in Malaysia. dun forget to show our photos to your families, friends, relatives and to whoever yang u nak tunjuk yaa in china! mana tahu jodoh iolls from china kee huhuh. dan pemess korang lepas nie sebab masuk blog iolls hahah!

area bandar hilir nie complete dengan bangunan yang cecantik, tak payah menapak jalan jejauh bcoz dedekat je tempat dye. bangunan fancy color color nie dekat dengan bangunan merah tu jugak, mata kene tajam and alert to notice it. spec aku kan 5D siap dengan sinaran keimanan, so aku dengan mudahnya nampak. ehh teriak pulak :p kat sinilah one of de tempat yang kau bole feeling fashionista, hipster dan hijabistarrrr. kalau kau pandai main angle sume, amek gamba sebelah kat celahan tiang elektrik pon gamba kau nampak persis kat sebelah eiffel tower. gituhh hiperbola melampau ye aku. kat sini hmmp aku siap flip shawl sambil buat catwalk tapi muka tetap bermuka desa hahah 

dah penat posing feeling macam tyra banks, we went to cendol stall. haih i keep craving for cendol since day one studying in Uitm. from de start da tanam niat kene makan cendol kat bandar hilir. and finally i got it yeahh alhamdulillah! so anis and i ambik cendol jagung, ama cendol kacang merah and eilah ordered a cup of ice cream. cendol cost us rm 2 dan ice cream rm 3. guysss makan cendol dengan ice cream time pepanas camnie memang heavennn. okay imagine, cendol tu  masuk u guys punye tekak dan it slowly going down into ur oesophagioes. nikmatnyaaaaa. my tekak still rememba de taste haishh, dah lah murah and sedap.  u guys really should have a tryyyyy! de stall is located in front of de bangunan merah. easy to spot it dun worry lorh!

perhatian kepada future husband, kalau nak ngorat (kalau lah) no need to bring me to fancy restraunt, bawak pegi makan cendol je sebab lantas senyuman terus akan manis semanis cendol jagung ehhhh back to topic pleaseeee.

selepas perut gembira, we went to other place, yes still around bandar hilir. i dun rememba what place is this and de specific name of it. besides i'm not sure whether if it got specific name bcoz my eyes already stuck with de view! so beautifu!!!

meet my new friend, Aminah
playing around with Aminah
Aminah iz so manjaaaa. till we meet again tau Aminah. xoxo 

nexttt, heading to Fort A' Famosa. one of my favourite building in Malacca. here got Dutch Graveyard too. i'm so amaze with dis place because banyak history hidden behind it

dah penat explore Fort A'Famosa, we went to Dataran Pahlawan for luchhhh. we decided to eat dekat Tappers. Tappers sangat cantik, decoration dye macam kau duduk makan kat rumah yang shantekk and modern. i do love de simple decoration!!! makanan dye pon sedap dan affordable. sorry da lupa makan apa sebab perut dah hadam segalanya :p

dah kenyang sampai tak tahu nak sorok double chin kat manaaaaaa

okay iolls da jumpe angle nak sorok that double chin!! haa runcing terus dagu hiks

dah settle jejalan kat bandar hilir, kami gerak ke Pantai Klebang utk pegi pasir tambak dye. dis time kiteorang naik taxi and we used de apps of MyTexi. with de apps of MyTeksi, seriously membantu gilaa where u can get a cab dengan cepat, dengan harga yang tepat which is bukan harga yang some driver main letak sesuka hati je dan naik taxi dengan lebih selamat. from dataran pahlwan to pantai klebang cost us rm 19 including de rm 2 of booking charge. seriously u guys should have dis apps inside ur fon! later i update entry pasal mytaxi nie okayy!!

so nak pegi ke pasir tambak, we need to walk around 3 km i guess or less and more. aku pakai flat shoes as my sneakers (converse) da selamat kat tempat pelupusan sampah sobs (thanks kasut) and pemilihan utk pakai flat shoes adalah pemilihan yg salah sama sekali. but i have to wear it aite pasal no kasut anymoreee lol sayuuu. pasir banyak masuk inside my shoes and end up i fed up i jalan dengan kaki ayam pastu kaki tanned gilaaa. huahhh sedih beganda. along de walk to reach de pasir tambak, i was like haihhhh whyy lahh i need to walk dis far, kalau pasir tambak tu tak cantik, rasa nak buat pole dance je kat tetengah pasir tu nanti. along de way, angin bole tahan kuat dan bedegung jugak lah, rasa macam kat padang pasir pon ada. dalam otak da imagine bebukan bak citer everest! everest is a movie that everyone should watch! de movie affect me badly sebab i terus benci hiking hahah! anyway alhamdulillah kami selamat jalan dan selamat kembali. de viewwww sangat cantik, rasa macam kat overseaaaa. even rasa distracted dengan angin, pastu awan da mendung sebab nak hujan, it neva stop me to take a moment to observe how stunning allah creation. subhanallah! korang kene datang and baru tahu de feeling!

feeling kurus

dah ketibas siap ada waterfall kat celahan ketiak dan seangkatan dengannya, kiteorang naik taxi lagi to Jalan Kota Laksamana utk pegi Big Bowl Ice. okay can u guys see de different size of bowls on the picture down there, yezza u guys can pick nak bowl yang manaa. de bigger ur bowl, de more money u need to spend lorh. haaa da macam buat hipotesis laporan paper pijik lah pulak! gituhhh. so kiteorang order ..... aku tak ingat apa menu dyeeee gaisss ... jangan kecam please .... nanti korang datang tunjuk gamba je okay kalau nak makan. tak yah nak beriya ingat nama menu sangat hahaha *cover* Big Bowl Ice nie last destination kiteorang before kiteorang balik Uni balik. kiteorang chill menikmati our ice bowl around sejam sambil menunggu senior datang jemput bawak balik tapi bebayar lahh of course hohoh. ramai senior kat uni buat service cab so kiteorang calll one of de senior nie and asked him to fetch us dan hantar sampai ke depan kolej. cost dye rm 40, worth it untuk package bloody traffic along our way nak balik. kereta pon kereta best, kerusi empuk, air cond paduuuu. syukur sangat dahhh

dear people, semoga korang terhibur dengan post kali nie huahah hoping my readers mudah terhibur orangnya! (iolls ade ke readers? sobs) lastly, i do hope dis entry can help u guys a lil bit more especially yang nak explore melaka and tak tahu nak pegi manaaa. dis is a budget trip so yah we really cut our money utk bende yang necessary jeee. eherm so faham-faham lah eh bahawasanya there's no souvenir for everyone lol!  sebagai penutup, i nak buat dedication sikit acewah, girls, big thanks for turning up my day into a memorable one, thank u for dis little adventure. i'll keep our memories tightly inside my heart. i do love all of u! meh i presenting u guys my geng jejalan : de purple shawl is anis. de pink scarf is amalia and de choc not so choc scarf is eilah! and yang pakai shawl hitam yang cecomel cantik manis tu haruslah iolls! jangan berani caras hoookay lol