Saturday, 30 May 2015

life updated~

hey guys

just to share, i've stopped working in pharmacy about a week ago as i need to focus on the other commitment. huhu my feeling is jumbled. i feel so sad to leave my work even sometimes i hate to work there, people and customer sometimes can be so annoying! but honestly, part of me will always be with multicare pharmacy. auwww. people in pharmacy really taught me de real life. how to survive in nowadays life, become more independent, control my financial and how to appreciate ppl around me. hmm de good and bad of life. de good one should be follow for sure, de bad one ermmm shoud make it as a lesson only. maybe? de pharmacist, aunty and sista in pharmacy are so nice, they have kind heart. working experience totally awesome. it's hard to describe it in words because it so preciousss and memorable. before dis, i'm having difficulty to memorise where de stuff located haha i look like a moron!!! but now, eherm i can claim myself  that i'm pretty expert in serving de customer, know where all de stuff located and i memorise de price! impress with myself hahaha!

anyway, i'm going to start my study back in just 3 days left! UITM Lendu Melaka, majoring Masscom. so far i dun prepare myself at all. mental totally breakdown right now. maybe a long break afta SPM make me lazy to continue my study back lol. i dun feel de excitement and i dunno why. i feel like there's an empty space inside my heart and i cant find de missing pieces. i dunno what it isss and i hate to feel it because it makes me to feel like a loser and at one point i will start losing hope. that's my biggest fear. shit! pls, guide me to de right path ...... wish me de best of luck okay guys? need your pray :) dis journey is going to be a tough journey, thru de hardship, pls give me some strength to handle it ya dear god?

i'm sorry bacause dis post turn into emotional entry. yaaa my mood swinging badly dis past few days until now. i get mad and easily yell to anyone that i like. i feel bad for that. sorry people. see you guys soon in shaa allah. with a bright and cheerful post. maybe?

p/s: pardon me for my bad grammar and choice of words. i'm still in learning process to improve my writing skill in english :p

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