Thursday, 16 April 2015


hey guys

to be honest, working with human beings is totally superb challenging! i dun predict it will be dis tough. sigh! until at one moment i feel like i did rather working with computer bcoz they are heartless. easy yo, u dun need to face with de bullshit lol.

and yeah, so far working, life really taught me about people behavior.  i've been facing so many ups and downs. for sure lah de  bad one will be de minority. being scold with customer dah macam rutin seharian lol. yaaa, customer always right kannnn. in dis situation, i chose money as my biggest motivator to stay working. now i realised how valuable every cent of money. baru reti nak bersyukurrrrrr dan rase peritnyaa nak carik rezeki yang halal!

i just get dissapointed with some people who dunno how to respect others. during my first week working, i'm still learning about every single stuff yang ade inside de pharmacy. like where's de nerve supplement  located and what is de function for every product. i bet everyone need some time to memorise all de fact and place, so do i. i also need a time. but some customer yang tak de manners will just hentam me. of course i'm quite shock when suddenly customer come in pastu nak get mad easily. i'm still new here, still trying my best to adapt with de surrounding. so what can i do is just say 'sorry, saya baru lagi kat sini' dengan muke nak nangis. sometimes i was wondered, u dun have consideration ah? it sounds funny tau pasal yang belagak dan kecoh nak memarah nie sume orang melayu. yes, kaum aku. im not being racist to condemn masyarakat melayu or what, tapi setiap kali kekecoh, mesti orang melayu. why? bangsa lain even foreigner yang datang nak membeli pon akan cakap politely siap greeting 'hi how are you' dan cakap thank you. they really know how to appreciate people

afta few weeks working, i start to adapt with de bullshit. dah kalis dengan amarah customer yang annoying dan tak paham bahasa. but still, customer always right kannn. and i still need to apologise them tapi dengan expression muke yang tahan bengang.  other workers yang da bekerja for 5-7 years pon kene marah kekadang. i just too sad to be treated dis badly. we greet de customer as friendly as we can, we serve them with our best service, but end up they give us shit? ouh come on, dis is how u guys treat people? so dun ask eh why one day people will treat u even more badly!

actually my main point is, please lah show some respect. why u need to shout when u can speak gently? why u need to get mad when u want to ask something? u can ask it in a proper way aite? why u need to lost your patient if u can stay patient? why u want to curse if u have nice words to say? why u need to show your rudeness when u have beauty soul inside you?

u come for a help. we try our best to lend u a help. but with your rude way, i totally get annoyed okay. nak tolong pon rase perlu keeee? but still i need to help u becoz it's part of my job! i get sad to see older people acting so rudely. i was like 'so this your best example to show to the youngster?' dun wonder ah if one day your anak or cucu act rudely becoz tengok lah surrounding macam mane kan. their parents/grandparents/aunty/uncle or whatsoever is spreading de negative example to de youngster

so to any customer who like to treat any workers badly, please lah change your behaviour. it's not hard aite to say nicely, politely and gently. appreciate others help and train your tounge to say thank you. maybe with your respect and politeness can made de workers day. who know aite?

anyway, dis kind of challenge is a good experience though. it  taught me how to be patient in handling a situation. be patient in all aspect! besides, so many upcoming challenge is waiting for me in de future and dis is just de beginning, so many shape and size of challenge i neva meet yet. so mental, just prepared!

p/s: i'm not saying my work is suck. it's great kot! i just dissapointed with some people who dunno how to respect people. i bet it not only happen in my working area aite becoz we can find dis kind of people everywhere!

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