Thursday, 12 March 2015

lolipop for free

hey guys


come 2 african man to buy some stuff at Multicare Pharmacy. at de cashier,

he asked 'how much for one?' he pointed to de lolipop

i answered '80 cent' with a sweet smile

he said 'not free?'

i answered 'no' while grinning

he said 'in Africa, when we buy something then we can get free sweets'

i answered 'dis is Malaysia :D :D :D :D'' while grinning again. yes i love grinning

de 2 African man and other workers had a big laugh. LOL

heeee :)

anyway, my latest improvement  is i've started working! yeah alhamdulillah. im working at Multicare Pharmacy inside de Tesco's building. so to those who want to meet me, can come to Multicare Pharmacy in Tesco Semenyih. try to spot me! de most gorgeous, sweet and fab worker inside de pharmacy ahaks!

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