Wednesday, 4 March 2015

remain silent pls

hey guys

first of all, thank u atas semua ucapan tahniah!

i admit that my result is like a pieces of shit. feel regret for it? my answer for now is NOOOO! I feel totally satisfied with de amazing 4A's and de rest gred. what i got now is based on my ability, effort, luck, rezeki dan perkongsian ilmu btw my friends, teachers, and everyone . i know my family feel so dissapointed with dis awful result esp my mak. mak dun say any words. but i dun really mind becoz i believe she'll understand why i can get dis kind of result if she accept dis with an open heart. and to those who really love to judge and condemn even u're my close families pon, read dis carefully .....

when im lost, struggling to get de best answer during de exam, u're not there. aku berjuang dengan mate pena dengan ilmu yang serba ada.i dun cheat during de exam, i do all by myself. whether my answer is right or wrong, i let Allah do de rest. all i can do during de battle is praying and tawakal. how stressful i was to memorise all de notes and facts, how tired my mental during de battle, i neva complain to my families. i go home and say 'de paper is hard, but i've tried my best! dun worry!'  u guys can keep condemn  me because u're not in my shoes. u dun feel it. in fact, u guys cannot make a differentation between me and those who perform well in SPM. im not smart like them and i cant be like them because that's not meee. i'm being myself. even how hard i study, how diligent i pray, if Allah want to give me dis awful grade, i cant do anything. He know de best while i'm not. i believe in good things ... so please dun be such an annoying person who really love to gossip about others life. no matter how close we're, de way u talk  like u know me very well. same goes to people who i dun have any idea who they are! come on lah,   go do your own buisness okay? fyi, u dun have any power to underestimate my result. who are youuu man? u're so not helpful then want to judge my result? gooo lah.  berape A aku dan orang lain dapat in SPM tak penting sebab kezaman untuk bangkit ke langkah seterusnya lagi penting dan bermakna

so, sorry for dissapointing u guys with my bad result. dis post totally show how my feeling right now, emo! i've accepted dis fact with an open heart, so please dun worsen de condition. i also feel so dissapointed with some ppl who easily judge  like they're good enough. please, if u dun have something nice to say, remain silent okay?


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