Wednesday, 18 February 2015

before i go to plkn

hey guys

once upon a time, while i'm busy preparing myself for school ... suddenly ......................

ade bunyi whatsapp masuk dari kawan aku yang bename tachuuuu. she send me dis photo..sorry aku crop de detail for some good reason hehe!

dis news totally ruined my morning, my day, my week and my entire life u knowwwww! why must meee whyyy i'm just an innocent girl yang cute! why i'm de chosen one SOBS. first thing that i do afta read dis news is shouting


then my mak came and asked 'kenapeeeeeee'

i answered 'orang dapat PLKNNNNNNN' air mate da begenang lol

mak 'lahhhh ingatkan kene sawan tadi'


i totally not ready for dis thing! i hate outdoor activities! i'm a kind yang superb choosy, penggeli, susah senyum with stranger, hard to make new friends those who dunno me in person call me sombong, tak pena stay away with family in a long period.can u imagine how i want to surviveee. plus, i neva go to boarding school. i'm dead! then, i've planned all activities yg nak dibuat afta SPM tapi end up i got PLKN. too sad to be me kan. so i draged myself to school with heartache..............i tell my friends about dis news, they keep laughing and tease me only. i cried a lot lol. seriously mental breakdown gilaa that moment. how i take my courage back, i take dis thing in positive way. i must show to all that i can face dis thing and i'll doing good in plkn. i should change my perception about plkn and start being positive. people change, same goes to me .....

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