Saturday, 5 April 2014


hey guys,

i've been so busy spending my time with school activities until no time to do other things. aiseh keep missing dis unpopular blog ihiks! so guys, here i am writing a post for u lalalala~

cuti march

i really used dis opportunity to waste my time and yeah i did it! i stay up late till de late of morning, scrolling my timeline, chatting, reading my fav blogger post, skyping and bla bla bla. and know wht guys, unexpected person came and cheering up my cuti! heiyaa boy, u really rock my world with your voice, smile, spontaneous words, gedik actions, laughter and many more. it's like u bring me into another world where there is only u and me, plus,  i can forget all my kechass things, (physic, chemist, bio, addmath bla bla bla) i  can be myself,  make a big smile, laugh happily,  feel de joyness in my soul, feel free and actually deep deep inside i miss u. hahaha serious talk, i miss him badly. yalah, dis unexpected person  memang dah lame gilaa tak bertegur sape so aku speechless gilaa bile suddenly dye tegur. huhuhu. thanks boy fr de good moments aummm

and for dis cuti, aku tak buat hw langsung, apetah lagi study! beg sekolah tk dibukak langsung! well i guess, cuti is cuti. no books no study and no pressure. gituuu. maka jadilah aku si panda yg pemalas. cuti mase untuk ternak lemak ahakss


lastday, i bought this painting frm my friend yg terrer gilaa in art! dapat je bende nie rase macam homegot, kenape awk nie comel sangat haaaaa! (i mean dis panda) geramnyeeeee >.< siap hug hug lagi huhuhu. then poyo balik sekolah post kat pesbuk "big love big smile big hug! aiseh dis panda really melt my heart. thank u .. u know who u're

hahaha tak sedar diri ini loner

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