Thursday, 13 February 2014

girls and hijab

hey guys,

why u wear hijab?
because of friends, family or for de trend?

 i wear hijab just bcoz of my friends
they all wear it despite they are still young, too young, tht moment mase primary school kot
i wear hijab when i'm with my friends only
with family, i just let my hair freely
it happened until i'm in secondary school
wear hijab just bcoz of most of my friends wear it
i just tak nak dorang pandang pelik
but i neva think how Allah look at  me!

until one day
there's something knock my heart
and it realised me

it's maghrib
everyone rushed to de mosque to perform maghrib prayer
i heard de voice of azan
all my family went to mosque
i'm alone
i stood in front of de mosque with my unproper condition, free hair

then i realised
how lost i am
i let myself away from God

tht moment, i'm just a 16 years old teens
i'm older
i'm 17 dis year
big number, but think it back, it just a num
de truth is, i'm still lost and lack of knowledge
so pls, dun expect i'll be perfect
i'm still trying to cover my aurat
be a better me
i can't make everyone satisfied and happy
i'm just an ordinary girl who still seek for Allah pleasure

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