Wednesday, 10 April 2013

what?this entry got no title meh~

hey guys

what's up world? it's been a long time i didn't update my blog. yeah  and yeah. and yeah again nothing changed~ no new follower, no comments and my blog just rest in peace. how sad! sobs.

but! ahaaaa! let's forget all de sadness, life must move on aite? so let's move a step together. haha. dan sepanjang  aku tak update blog nie, banyak bende yang da belaku. ade citer happy, sedih, duka, hati terase terobek-robek dan terase nak terjun bumbung rumah sendiri. ahakss over sangat da tu. ihik! but i faced those thing dengan senyuman.

machooo tak? haha :p

and from what i can see, after hurricane, come a rainbow. auww :D actually banyak bende nak citer, tapi mood nak sharing is caring tu tak terbit-terbit lah plak. haha. so, nie kire aku combine beberape buah story menjadi 1 entry yang sangat hambar. okay, deal? haha. tapi citer yang aku cube sampaikan nie cam tak tesampai je -.-

last but not least, aku comels. ihik!

apek in de house u alls!

si gadis machooo :D

one of my lil bro friend mentioned me just to show his TL are full with my tweet

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