Monday, 31 December 2012


hey guys,

holla 2012! just to let u know,  tomorrow gonna be de year of 2013! so first of all, good bye 2012. please don't miss me ya! ahak! if we rewind de time, we must feel 'hey, i feel like i just say hallo to 2012. but now, i need to say good bye to 2012. wow!'

yeahh we didn't realize it actually. to make it easy kan, no need to say others lahh, enough to say that i didn't realize today is 31 dec 2012! ahak! and alhamdulillah, i already achieved many things during this year. i hope next day -2013, i'll achieve more and more. insyaallah.

and i want to change something in my life, which is from the words I WISH to de words I WILL. it's because de words I WILL look more confident and brave. like u have a jati diri and u're seriously wanna achieve de target. ahak!

okay i'm serious.

because it's time to change! i'm gonna reach 16 soon. gonna be a big teenagers. gonna get a big duty. so i need to compete like a nuts to get de best place. easy to say lahh, aku nak tebus balik all my mistakes. what's my mistakes until i can't score 8 A's in PMR? maybe i need to change my lifestyle or whatsoever. yeahh i'll observe myself more and more. so let's start it now before it's too late.

insyaallah 2013 gonna be the sweetest year in my life. less stress, less fat, less conflict, less playing,  less online, less quarelling and less tears! and now  i will stop says I WISH, because i'm gonna says I WILL!

i will be better until i can be de best. amin insyaallah. i hope Allah will make my day easier. and thanks to kak zaza for give me inspiration and a spirit to move on. so break ur legs guys to face de new year!

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