Thursday, 20 December 2012

The World's Biggest Book Sale!

hey guys,

Big Bad Wolf 2012 seriesly awesome!it was the best book festival i ever visit!u can get a book only at RM3!besides that, novel bestseller, comic and all about books ade kat bid bag wolf!the lowest price is RM3!most novels yang aku beli price dye RM8-10!very affordable sehh!sale bergande-gande from 75%-95%.can u imagine that?walawehh!
date: 7-23 dec 2012
time: 9 am - 9 pm
venue: mines convention centre

very suitable for si pencinta buku!yaa for bookworms like me maybe.haha.alahh who cares either u're a bookworms or not, just go lahh because u will amaze to see the sale!aku sangat jakun bile menjejakkan kaki ke festival nie.i had a good experience ever!memang rase tak puas sangat jalan kat festival nie.nasib baik da nak tutup, kalau tak, aku takkan balik haha!

this car is so walaweh!
so crowded but seriously awesome!         
i borong nie!10 books only RM 96!OMG!
can't wait to finish up all this books!

Bieber forever?haha.only RM 10!
p/s: come on guys, buat rombongan pegi Big Bad Wolf Book before de closing!

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