Saturday, 22 December 2012

it's awesome to be me!

hey guys,

i changed my blog title!hope u guys will realize it.haha

keep hoping.lalala~

before 'everyone' ask me why i change my blog title, better i give an explanation

act like i have readers yang concern.ahak!

it's because i love the words *awesome* so much! zamaliah and awesome cannot be,i think it's better than the name 'i'm superb zamaliah zaki' huhu.besides, i don't like the words 'superb' so much.sorry ya 'superb' i try to be nice with u, but i can't fit with u anymore.i met another name, a better one.

but don't worry!i will never forget u.susah dan senang kite i'll not throw u inside de dustbin just like that.i meant it!

i act like 'superb' can understand me.i wish 'superb' can

another reason is i love it i love it and i love it!these are the reason.yes that's it.harap maklum :D

so guys, hope u'll enjoy with de new name.insyaallah this blog gonna be awesome, bukan sekadar blog title je yang macam hebat.pray for me to produce more and more awesome stories!insyaallah :D

last but not least, let's make some noisy in 'it's awesome to be me!'


hey, everyday i'll web cam with my friends to discuss about diet tips.don't u think it's awesome?

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