Tuesday, 6 November 2012

senior, patah kan kaki korang sume!

hey guys,

afta 2012 session school end, i always forget everything about the things need-to-remember-by-a-student.

 i forget about the date of SPM!

until when i saw my neighbour wear her school uniform to seat for SPM!

then i ask my mom about day and date!

my reaction on that time was like Ö

dear pity Zamaliah Zaki, today is the first day of SPM!it means, the SPM just began!omg how i can forget the most important date?huh

wait, i want to cry because i'm so pity with myself


zamaliah zaki want straight A's in PMR!


break ur legs senior! 9A's in SPM insyaallah :D


p/s: what a sadist entry?

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