Friday, 16 November 2012

Salam Maal Hijrah 1434/2012 Masihi

hey guys,


Maal bermaksud 'bersama'
Maal Hijrah membawa maksud 'bersama berhijrah' atau 'bersama hayati hijrah'

Hijrah harus difahami sebagai 'berpindah dari suatu keadaan tidak baik kepda keadaan yg lebih baik'

lastday merupakan tahun baru bagi Islam.alhamdulillah i'm still breathing in this universe.thank u Allah.usually when we talk about new year, everyone must have their own target that need to achieve during the year.too me, it just the same in tahun baru Islam where u want to be better than before.

 seriesly, Islam is amazing if u explore and feel the uniqueness of it.please don't say it's complicated to change for good.tak cube tak tahu, tak tahu make tak cinta!easy right? why not if we change for good?it's not hard actually unless u make it became complicated.

people change lets change our attitude from day to day!not only attitude, everything about us dari hujung rambut hingge hujung kaki.from good to better, from better to the best.even though u cannot be the best, at least u can be somebody yang better right.nobody perfect.people make mistakes, thats why we need to learn from our mistakes :D

i'm thinking and keep thinking about myself.i really wanna be a great muslimah.amin insyaallah.but too me it's totally hard because i'm not strong enough to face it and my stand sangat goyah.but takkan lahh sampai bile-bile aku kene berdiri di tempat yang same right?as the solution, i need to move and move even though it's is not cool without any challenge~

so, let us together stand to be somebody.lets learn how to be a better person, a great muslim and muslimah, a very useful people and the next, what we do, Allah meredhai nye.amin insyaallah.

i'm still learning, i'm not good in Islam, i always do mistakes, pendirian goyah and a playful girl.we as a human need to help each other.let say when u see me da nak terpesong sikit tu, tegur lah aku supaye aku tidak terus terpesong.macam tu jugak dengan yg lain.we correct the mistakes, we complete the uncomplete.too me, biarlah kite malu sekarang, asalkan kite tidak malu di kemudian hari.its okay if u're slow to learn, bu at least u're trying.and the most important is, never give up.every things in this world must have a solution~

 Allah will help and guide us to the correct path.and Allah always listen and see what we never stop meminta dan terus meminta yang terbaik daripada-NYA.who strives, they will be definitely rewarded.

insyaallah we can be an awesome muslim and muslimah :D

remember, something is better than nothing


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