Monday, 12 November 2012

Haapy Deepavali!

hey guys,

 Deepavali is not about sleep all the day, watching tv while eating some snacks, or maybe online, tweet and wishing 'HAPPY DEEPAVALI' or update blog about the uniqueness of Deepavali.

okay, so lets change our mood into hindu mood~ da beli sari?done with ur meruku?goshh i didn't prepare anything sehh.but doesn't mean i can't celebrate Deepavali right?i also can celebrate it what.yaa celebrate it in dream.ahak!joke

the things that i really love about Deepavali is to see indian people create their kolam.know what, they're so creative and awesome.their art can make u overwhelmed and melting.very detail and, not everyone can do as perfect as they do.

                          a great design of kolum from Public Bank *i took it from my sis pic.ahak!*

then the taste of maruku is totally..damn my saliva is dripping!lets imagine, 'u hold de maruku and it enter ur mouth slowly.u chewed it while closing ur eyes with a full of feeling' huu what a best feeling ever~

and the great momment is buying a new clothes/sari.the detail of the design is gorgeous and the colour is just nice.i wish i could get one sari, one day~

last but not least, for me, the best momments during Deepavali is spending a valuable time with family, cousin, neighbour or in other easy way is with people surrounding last word from me,

                                  *HAPPY DEEPAVALI AND I HOPE U WILL ENJOY IT*

p/s: dear next neighbour, don't forget to give me ur maruku.i'm waiting~ ahak!

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