Saturday, 3 November 2012

drip ur saliva part 2

hey guys,


okay now, i want to see u guys drip ur saliva!

haha so lets drive to other planet where u guys can find various kinds of food!come on, u guys can follow me!haha

stop thinking that i'm nuts.

last wednesday -- a girl -- zamaliah bt mohamed zaki -- 97 batch -- always think she is cute and gorgeous -- feeling thin and hot -- always making nonsense -- a mama to Hakunamatata -- just in love with basketball -- try a new things  -- cupcakes -- mission accomplished! -- alhamdulillah :D

p/s: thanks a lot to nurul syifa who help me and give some idea during our first trial in making cupcakes.too my mom also who scold me because i mistakenly mixed the ingredients.haha :D

okay now, please be shocked!haha

my first trial with syifa.colour is too striking and the ising is too sweet! *not suitable for people who suffering from diabetes haha
this one i dedicate it to nurul syifa and haziq :D

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