Thursday, 18 October 2012

the nonsense of akmal~

hey guys,

morning kiss world!ohh well, i know i'm a lovely person~ ahak! huu cepat gy terjun tingkat 1 kalau tak sanggup bace.haha tak pasal-pasal aku jadi WANTED person.fullawehh become popular!ohh i want!

okay now lovely person wanna start her topic.last 3 days, i have tought my lil brother math.i really worried with him because he didn't have or feel any responsibility as a student!as he know is only playing..playing and playing!well, 11 years old kids~

so i as a caring sister who really cute decided to teach him math because on the next day he will seat on math paper.know what guys, he really make me mad!i felt like i wanna turn into LION and eat him!then i can change my name into ZAMALION~ haha

oh my god, with his lazy ways, rude and arrogant are enough.i push him and i never gave him a chance to i didn't use 'sabun Bio Zip' dahh, i gune clorox terus!sental otak dye kasi bersih and act like a step mother who really cruel.i can't control my temper when i hit the table bcoz to mad with him.

on the next day when he back from school, belum masuk rumah lagi dah shouting..'mak, lia, ali!korang tahu tak, aku orang 1st yang siap math!gilaa senang woahh soalan dye!' see, arrogant~

me, alhamdulillah he can get what i've tought.but i can't stand when he repeat the same things that he can do it well~ so i asked him back 'bole garget A ke?'

he reply 'ntah lahh.aku rase C'

know what i feel?feeling like wanna jump from the KLCC building~

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