Wednesday, 17 October 2012

i'm a mommy?

hey guys

what your opinion about being a mommy at 15?is it a normal things or a big issue?

for sure it will be a big issue right~

and know what guys, i'm a mommy!a mommy for 3 kids at 15.but 1 of my kids already passed away.okay it's not a damn true!being a mommy is a difficult things actually, where i need to full fill all my children requirement.fuhh it's totally hard sehh!fortunately, i'm quite tough to face it.uhukk..uhukk..

wanna see my babies?they have their own manja name which is, BABOOSHKA for BOBO.BEAR for BUBU.and the die one is BABY!did their name look gorgeous?ahak!

woahh gorgeous enough?ohh well, this three animals is my children actually haha.they are not a mouse or a rabbit, but they are GUINEA PIG!wanna know more about it?check it out at  i become interest with this animals after reading his blog!so guys, there are my daughter and still don't bother them!haha

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