Tuesday, 16 October 2012


hey guys,

hey F!hi R!and hoola to the twin E!ehh hey D!ohh babe, O!and say hi to the M!

ohh still can't get it?


jumping while holding the pom..pom..

alhamdulillah.yeahh after 3 years i studying, now i'm free from PMR!say good byee to PMR!lalala~ huu what a nice day guys.haha.i don't know how to express it because i'm not so excited.

why?because i don't have a sense.haha.to me, it's a great experience that all 97's batch faced.it happen when aku sendiri rase yang aku ade 1 responsibility.dalam hati da bekate 'tak sangke aku da besar, nanti suddenly da nak kawen' haha gilaa.

ya that's what we call life!everyone will face it.so i quite enjoy the days after PMR because the FREEDOM is in my hand.yeahh nobody can bother me.huhu.to do list after PMR da dikeluarkan from my pocket!so what i'm waiting for?

nike.JUST DO IT!

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