Saturday, 20 October 2012

de yummy pancake *.*

hey guys,

do u LOVE food?

yes or no?

ohh yes, i LOVE food so much!and the food also LOVE me!ahak! so to those who really love food, u guys must read this entry.if not, i will kill u!haha doublejerk~

this is my experiment where i makes pancake by myself.please be proud with me haha.this is my handmade.know what, its so simple and easy.u guys must try!

1. any type of brand as long its a pancake mix flour.Tesco is the cheapest one, that's why i bought it :)

                                                         2. mix it with and egg

3. then put some water and oil.i don't remember how many litre.ohh don't worry, it have guided site :)

4. stir the flour (this one still not done yet)

                           5. u need to use a frying pan.guys, make sure it's non-sticky

                                                     6. here we go my pancake :)

p/s: u also can eat it with jam, honey and more.i think u must be more expert for the mix and match right.the most important is, its so yummy and delicious!omg my saliva is dripping!

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