Friday, 31 August 2012

PMR trial result

hey guys,

i'm done with my trial and now, i would like to share with everyone about my PMR trial reult.randomly, to me my result is bad.i only achieve my target for 4 subject and it's worst!i feel like uhh i'm really drop.but i will try harder in the true PMR.ya i need to try harder because i got no other choice!anyway, alhamdulillah because  i succcess achieve my target for the 4 subject.and the rest, i'm DEAD!

english : 64 % (see, i drop in my fav subject!)
b.melayu : 85 & (alhamdulillah)
geografi : 58% (i drop from B to C!)
k.hidup : 65 % (alhamdulillah finally B)
math : 44 % (from B i drop to D!okay, i'm dead)
p.islam : 81 % (alhamdulillah)
sejarah : 80 % (alhamdulillah unbelievable)
science : 57 % (drop again!)

full result : 3A 1B 3C 1D

okay, this is my reaction for my result.i'm not satisfied yet!i will show u'alls my big smile after i achieve my target-8A's.insyaallah i can!yes i can!

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