Sunday, 22 July 2012

trial PMR *.*

hey guys,

okay seriesly i got no time to spend in front of my, i only have 15 minutes for online.ya 15 minutes is the maximum i can't type as long as usual and i'm so sad!why this world is not fair?lalala~

1st august too 9th august is the real trial for PMR.subhanaallah..if can, i want to slap my own face.because..

*hey lia, u still didn't finish with ur revision.and u still can update ur blog?huh?* so cruel ahh this girl

*haloo, don't say like that she's trying her best.keep studying all the days.can't u see her effort?* so kind ahh this girl

haha.i can't think very well mehh.i'm so nervous and scared.last friday, i just got my timetable for trial.i hope everything will be well.i'll try my best and as my teacher said, ISTIQAMAH is the most important things!i'll try!i really want to achieve my target which is 5A 3B for this trial.insyaallah i can!amin..

and to all my bebehs,

3 AMANAH, SYIFA, HAZIQ, IZZATI, AFIQ, CHE WANIE, PUTERI, KHODY and ADILAH, do the best guys!make sure all of us get the craziest marks ever!hihi.i'll pray for u alls.8A?it's not impossible mehh~ u just need a lil struggle, istiqamah, makes everyone happy with u, pray to ALLAH and's easy right?insyaallah..

english + b.melayu + math + sej + geo + science + agame + k.hidup =  8A!

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  1. 8A !!!!! wHoo !! aku akn dOakan utk kOrang jugak.. 8A, Aminnnn.. aku "struggle" habis-habisan nie.. ^^