Sunday, 3 June 2012

huhu!i've hit the terget mehh **,

hey guys,

yeahh.i just wake up and have my breakfast.huhu~

lia, it just a milo and several biscuits.

super excited lah si gendut nie~

okay guys, last night while i'm start to feel boring with facebook, i open a new tab to listen on one direction songs.haha.but then, i think it's better if i sign in my blog and listen on them.okay sign in blog and search my favourite songs.huhu.suddenly i felt it must be more fun if aku pergi merayap ke blog-blog orang lain while saying 'HEY THERE' to them.

fiuhh..know what?guess what?

i really didn't expect that my followers will be increase!weehuu~ from 1 to 1 untill it become 100 followers!haha.thanks guys because kasi feed back!i love u alls!now, it became 103 followers.alhamdulillah sebab ade jugak orang yg sudi bukak, follow and read my entry.ngeh :3

impian aku ialah aku nak jadi seorang 'blogger' yang famous and people dok sebut-sebut  pasal blog aku, where my blog teselit di helaian magazine, keluar dekat tv, paper or etc.wushh.alangkah indah nye dunie jika begitu~ insyaallah i'll improve my skill to make this blog more interesting and de boOm.and if can, i want everyone in this world read my blog! high to achieve it.but impossible is nothing right?

lastly, i would like to say thanks to ILYANA, NYNA, ADILAH, KHODY, SYIFA, CHE WANIE yang dari dulu lagi tolong aku, ajar aku tuk edit blog nie, give me some tips and share your experienced with me.thanks guys!and to my lovely friend, ILYANA yang mase dulunye sanggup datang rumah aku semate-mate untuk ajar aku berblogging and buatkan aku acc blog.thanks bebehs!first followers, NYNA i heart u mehh.without you alls, maybe my life will be more kusam and serabut.i guess ya because dengan berblogging lahh one of the way untuk aku release stress.and bila aku tengok ade orang bace and comment or etc, i become HUHU!macam princess yang sudah berjumpe dgn prince charming iaitu true love nye.ahak!

kegedikan yang tesangat!haha.

p/s : if ade name yang aku telupe mentioned, sorry sangat!come and inform me lahh if ade sebab i'm gonna give u a permission to BLASH my face.haha :P


  1. wah! zama sudah ada ramai foLLower.. hehe.. thanks for mention my name yaww..