Saturday, 23 June 2012

women and cancer

hey guys,

i'm so sure everyone know about addiction, this is the definition of cancer :

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected.

MOST WOMEN IN THIS WORLD DIE FROM CANCER!damn.i'm a lady.soon i'll be women.and i might be one of the cancer victim.ya Allah!hopefully it will not happen!

based on my life, most of people who i know are suffering from cancer!they face this things for a long the end, one of my aunty passed away last Saturday just because of cancer!innalillah.she suffered badly

this is some of pictures which i found from mr google.hihi

breast cancer

cancer cervix
to hear a story that 'SOMEBOFY NEED TO REMOVE HER BREAST OR UTERUS TO SAVE HER LIFE' is just a scray things!i can't imagine how all the cancer victims face must be hard and ya, totally hard.i really cheerio with women and other cancer victims!you are great!

if i seat at their place, of course i'll keep crying and ask to God 'WHY MUST ME?' but who are we to fight the fate?i'm just ZAMALIAH, Allah will not give a test to his servants who cannot bear me, those who are suffering are really tough and strong!they leave their life, family, friends and everything!the things that they can do is keep praying that one day they will be fine despite they get no hope to live.but too me, nothing impossible *.*

and to all women, go to the clinic/hosp to make a check quickly!don't be so afraid!if not, many type of cancer are waiting for you!the most popular is CERVIX CANCER and BREAST CANCER!do you want to be one of the victim?it must be nope right?so come on!hurry up women before its too late.we stand together and fight the CANCER!we'll pray + give a support to them!

and to all cancer victims, don't be so down.God is testing you alls because he know that u can face it.keep smiling and always pray for the best!and then everything gonna be okay.hihi.lastly, never give up and never surrender!God will always be with u bebehs!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

it's all about MATH!

hey guys,

on tuesday, 12 june 2o12, i do not attend's because i got BIEBER FEVER.haha a fever only lahh.i can't take JUSTIN BIEBER because SALENA GOMEZ will be jealous.hihi.but if i would like to change my name into LIA GOMEZ, is it will be nice?am i will be a popular just like SALENA GOMEZ?haha.then SALENA must change her name into SALENA ZAKI.HAHA

okay, back to my topic which is i do not attend school on know what i feel, i feel so ARGHH because when the time i absent, sekolah aku pon ade buat program.makanye, TIDAK BELAJAR.okay penyesalan melande sebab absent school on tuesday.haha.

then i'm having a comment with my bebehs which is syifa.she told me that my MATH paper ade dekat dia..i was shock and gelabah!dalam hati dah doa gila-gila.hopefully aku tak FAIL!i IM syifa and asked her about my result

aku : cakap yang aku past!
syifa : mmg past! 65 % (;
aku: are u sure?overoll?total mark aku 65?
syifa: yes!
aku : hah?kau tak jokee nie?
syifa : tak..i'm seruis..

know what i feel, i keep smiling infront my lappy because i'm so happy and excited!finally ALLAH dengar dan makbulkan jugak permintaan aku.ya all the days aku dok buat latihan math and give a full effort.despite i can score 65 % only, it's really meaningful to me.i can't beleive it at all!haha.and now i realised that ALLAH is always with now i feel so close with ALLAH sebab aku rase tak sia-sia aku belajar, aku nangis sebab aku gagal, aku malu sebab aku gagal, aku rase DOWN and more.beacuse now ALLAH is with me and help me.cume aku yang selalu mengabaikannye dan lalai.jadi ingatlah, iringkan usaha dan doa.mintak yang terbaik kepada-NYA.dia maha mendengar dan mengasihi.

and i would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my teacher, PUAN SHAFIZA because teach me a lots, give me some tips and my lovely friends also, KHODY yang banyak gila membantu.and to me, she's 'master of math' because dialah tempat penyelesaian masalah math aku.haha.then to SYIFA sebab banyak tolong aku in math, give me some advices, show me your skill about math and HAZIQ, kau lah advicer aku.haha.time aku citer kat kau yang aku fail sume, kau lahh yang bagi advice kat aku and make me feel better.dari aku rase DOWN till aku rase I CAN DO IT.haha.and untuk yang lain-lain jugak, terime kasih jugak.aku tak tahu nak cakap macam mane lagi.hihi.aku doakan korang sume A in math.amin..

korang lah kawan math aku.hihi.i heart u alls!

my ways looks so excited even it just a mid year exam.and ya so what? haha.i'm tired of with when i got a marks which is i really can't aspect it, sape tak happy right? doakan aku dapat A MATH!amin..

finally, there's no failure anymore!