Friday, 4 May 2012

never give up and never surrender!

hey guys,

bace tak post title? hehe it's so long kan.haha up to me lah nak tulis post title panjang mane.hoho aku yang tanye and aku jugak yang not responsible in this case.lalala~

okay lah.this post is for everyone yang rase so dump,useless,rase nak bunuh diri,stress or etc.usually i'm the one yang dok bentang cerita sedih aku dekat kekawan aku.sob..sab sane sini.they listened to me and i'll non stop sob..sab at them.hey guys,thanks for being a best listener and motivate me.but bukan aku sorang yang dok hadap problem by problem yang non stop kejar aku.others pon maybe more bad than me.

in our life,we need some stress to fulfill our life.but how about stress yg da over gilaa tu?nak campak dalam dustbin cam tu je?not easy like that lahh.we need to face it.and that's why lah wujudnye case bunuh diri and caused by we can't handle it well.ya im also sometimes.but remember islam religion,we have ALLAH!go and share ur story.ALLAH will hear on u!nak nangis guling2 pon bolee.that's one of the things that i do.after that,i feel better and more peace.

so to my friends espeacially yang nak seat on PMR tu,control your emotion..jangan stress.if ade prob,come and share with me.insyaallah i'll be ur best listener and good advicers.ahak!kalau nak nangis,nangis jee.let it out!don't keep it untill it become a pekasam!haha.try to be more sabar sebab life kite full with, ALLAH takkan uji hambenye yang tak mampu.last..last ke?never give up and never surrender guys!ignores what people want to say!they are so hekk hokk.just make it as a spirit to u to achive what u want.ya people will not stop condemn having the same things also.jadi be strong and tabahkan diri!it's not easy to face it,but ALLAH kan ade (; tak mau stress stress guys!

p/s : together we struggle till the end! *emosi gilaa*
dedicate it too my lovely fren and u alls lorhh..come on bebehs!

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