Thursday, 10 May 2012

the battle begin!

hey guys,'s already MAY.hi MAY!how're u?haha. *acting like MAY can speak to me* ya it's MAY----> still can't accept the reality.huahhh.soon i'll seat on PMR.soon i'll seat on SPM.soon i'm a UNI student.soon and soon I'M MARRIED!fiuhh.part yang I'M MARRIED tu part yang paling I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!cewahh.gurau meehh.

now is a MAY.and i keep talking about MAY and MAY jee, while nothing speacial about it in this MAY months, im having my mid year exam!okay bangun pengsan,bangun and pengsan balik.haha.try to breathe like a orang utan.hekk hokk

when i say exam jee, kat tangan sume orang mesti ade buku,pen, calculator and etc.on tuesday, 15 May untill a day before the school break is an exam it'll be STUDY for persiapan awal, aku  buat lah some excecise untuk subject yang aku weak.start study malam around 8 lebih, tapi bile bukak mate je da pagi.haha.if bukan tetido, what more? hihihi.then lastday, like usual lah, tetido again and bile tesedar jee da pukul 4.oo a.m. after bangon, i don't know why i feel so energetic. *menggelabah* lepas tu kan i rep my friend text and open my books and start studying.suddenly aku terase nak finish up my mum credit and ya aku telah menghantar kiriman SMS kepade my bebehs-bebehs di pagi hening yang bute.kiriman SMS itu berbunyi begini.. war is begin!wake up n do ur preparation mehh.make sure ur bullets can beat others!struggle till de end fren.even it's hard, ALLAH kan ade >.<  insyaallah.wish u'll get de gempakks marks!me?pray for me too lorhh

guys, now it's a suitable  time to spend time with Mr. long  do you want spend with Mr. tutt..tutt?24 hours also can! use the time dengan memanfaatkannye!u still got the time before the battle.lastly,stay strong and happy meet Mr. tutt..tutt..lastly, i got to go guys.i got a lots of date with my lovely Mr. tutt..tutt..kau ade?haha.lagi..i think it'll be my last post untill the exam end.

last..last..okay guys, to 3 AMANAH yg superb awesome tuu, keep tough bebehs!kite struggle together, kite nangis together and kite success pon mesti lah together jugak!i'll pray for u alls! others such as, ilyana,haziq,geng facebook and etc aku pon same gakk!together we pray.insyaallah we can.nothing impossible right?yesss.

hey, what are u waiting for?dok duduk menghadap skrin comp,lappy and etc nie lagi buat ape?go and get ur book lah!it's time to study mehh.jangan naughty-naughty nokss!

ambik kau post panjang punyee

and yeahh.the battle just begun!

competition mencari mane satu ZAMALIAH ZAKI.haha.this is all my girlfriends!but some of there missing somewhere and anywhere or everywhere~ *fail english*
study time girls.tunggu hahh.every morning aku text korang sume.hehe :p


  1. canteeekk pic !! aku suka sbb muka aku ada skali.. hehe.. tu bkn ckg Kamariah ke?

  2. should be nice lahh.muke budak yg ade pimple pon join.haha. *jokee mehh* ya tu cg kamariah **.