Tuesday, 29 May 2012

cell phone inside the fridge~

hey guys,

di suatu malam yang hening, ade seorang perempuan yang selalu perasan dirinye kurus telah membuke fridge untuk meneroka ape yang ade.ya something that she can eat while online.haha.then, what she found is the fridge got nothing.


haha.i can't accept the reality!huahaha.at the last, i continue chat and update my blog.muke sangat akur and reda.dalam hati da terobek-robek.hoho.then, when it's time for me to sleep as it's already morning, i look for my cell phone to set up the alarm.i  become so gelabah and panic because the cell phone are missing!wallaweyh~ so i decided to switch on the light even all the raksase already sleep.haha.from room to the hall.ya still can't find it.then i go to the kitchen and open the fridge

guess what i found..

ya my cell phone inside the fridge!duduk membeku di dalam situ dan ready utk dibekukan.haha ''p

p/s : fortunately it's not inside the oven (:

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