Thursday, 31 May 2012


hey guys,

lastday, while aku tengah buat milo, aku tak tahu kenape dan kenape aku rase DOWN gilaa.then dekat astro hitz ade lahh pulak si arvil lavinge nyanyi lagu WISH YOU WERE HERE.lagi dan lagi dan lagi lah aku rase diri aku nie sangat moron dan useless.dalam proses buat air milo tu, kelopak mate aku da bergenang.tunggu mase dan saat untuk  jatuh jee.tapi cepat-cepat aku kesat *feeling*

aku susah nak nak nangis dan aku agak susah nak terase ngan sesape.selagi aku boleh diam, i will.but when it's the time for volcano to explode, mase tu lahh aku rase macam perempuan bodoh yang rase dirinye DOWN, sedih and useless.

i have faced it for many times.ya life mane yang tak de dugaan kan.i admit it!but if people dok buat haru dengan kau every time, can you just sit and smile?

the things that i really hate in my life is bile aku rase diri aku sangat BODOH dan KENAPE LAH AKU BOLEH WUJUD KAT DUNIE NIE?ya when the time everyone ignore me, treat me like a moron and uhh.

at school, i try to cheer up myself.i laugh with my friends and try to light up my world back.that's one of the way for me to forget the stupid things.ya online and blogging also.everyday, i keep hoping that one day this pain will end.

i can be tough,
i can be strong,
i act like i don't care,
but deep inside it hurts.

p/s : i'll try to face it!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

cell phone inside the fridge~

hey guys,

di suatu malam yang hening, ade seorang perempuan yang selalu perasan dirinye kurus telah membuke fridge untuk meneroka ape yang ade.ya something that she can eat while online.haha.then, what she found is the fridge got nothing.


haha.i can't accept the reality! the last, i continue chat and update my blog.muke sangat akur and reda.dalam hati da terobek-robek.hoho.then, when it's time for me to sleep as it's already morning, i look for my cell phone to set up the alarm.i  become so gelabah and panic because the cell phone are missing!wallaweyh~ so i decided to switch on the light even all the raksase already sleep.haha.from room to the hall.ya still can't find it.then i go to the kitchen and open the fridge

guess what i found..

ya my cell phone inside the fridge!duduk membeku di dalam situ dan ready utk dibekukan.haha ''p

p/s : fortunately it's not inside the oven (:

Thursday, 24 May 2012

cikgu!last paper..last paper~

hey guys,

cikgu!cikgu!last paper,last paper~ haha

and yeahh my last paper is geo (;



garu kepale sendiri while counting ONE, TWO, THREE..

okay guys, anyway i feel so good and happy after 2 weeks being a nerd girl. *i'm not a nerd, i just love books* haha.stop talking nonsense HAIWAN LIAR!

erk.i mean LIA!

during exam week, many things happened to me such as, aku nak tertidur time jawab english paper 1 ---* at the last, aku TUMPAS seketika.Zzz~  and it make me feel so my marks ya?

history time pulak i feel so ting-tong~ act like ---* aku macam pernah bace topik nie.pasal ape ek?LUPA!

geo time pulak wich is last paper, last paper tu lagi lah aku rase arghh INI TIDAK MUNGKIN!hal ini kerana soalan tu kasi map dan berbentuk begini : MANA SATU BANJARAN YANG TERTINGGI DI MALAYSIA? lepastu aku bulat answer (C) which is BANJARAN CROCKER.then, di saat-saat akhir, aku bole jadi not sure lah pulak.akhirnye aku pi padam and bulatkan answer (A)

the moral value is jangan buat careless mistake macam aku!rugi macam tu jee.okay?

anyway, alhamdulillah sangat-sangat!akhirnye tamat jugak mid year exam nie.even it's hard, aku dah FACE  it dah pon!alhamdulillah.

now, just keep praying that everything gonna be okay.perhaps result aku akan menjadi semakin cantekk and aku dapat capai target aku!yeahhh!and the most is THERE IS NO FAILURE ANYMORE!insyaallah.aku da try harder macam nak gilaa kan.then, i'll pray for my friends also (;

actually aku nak tulis entry nie sepanjang rambut rapunzel, but i forgot lah.idea aku da terselit kat macam-macam buku.i poning mehh.maybe it  inside the history book, science or math book?ya it might aku nak pergi cari idea-idea yg da terselit/terkepit tu.lastly,

X tolak Y,
Y jatuh,
Y mintak tolong **.

by: lawakkeder

byeee readers!huhu

Thursday, 10 May 2012

the battle begin!

hey guys,'s already MAY.hi MAY!how're u?haha. *acting like MAY can speak to me* ya it's MAY----> still can't accept the reality.huahhh.soon i'll seat on PMR.soon i'll seat on SPM.soon i'm a UNI student.soon and soon I'M MARRIED!fiuhh.part yang I'M MARRIED tu part yang paling I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!cewahh.gurau meehh.

now is a MAY.and i keep talking about MAY and MAY jee, while nothing speacial about it in this MAY months, im having my mid year exam!okay bangun pengsan,bangun and pengsan balik.haha.try to breathe like a orang utan.hekk hokk

when i say exam jee, kat tangan sume orang mesti ade buku,pen, calculator and etc.on tuesday, 15 May untill a day before the school break is an exam it'll be STUDY for persiapan awal, aku  buat lah some excecise untuk subject yang aku weak.start study malam around 8 lebih, tapi bile bukak mate je da pagi.haha.if bukan tetido, what more? hihihi.then lastday, like usual lah, tetido again and bile tesedar jee da pukul 4.oo a.m. after bangon, i don't know why i feel so energetic. *menggelabah* lepas tu kan i rep my friend text and open my books and start studying.suddenly aku terase nak finish up my mum credit and ya aku telah menghantar kiriman SMS kepade my bebehs-bebehs di pagi hening yang bute.kiriman SMS itu berbunyi begini.. war is begin!wake up n do ur preparation mehh.make sure ur bullets can beat others!struggle till de end fren.even it's hard, ALLAH kan ade >.<  insyaallah.wish u'll get de gempakks marks!me?pray for me too lorhh

guys, now it's a suitable  time to spend time with Mr. long  do you want spend with Mr. tutt..tutt?24 hours also can! use the time dengan memanfaatkannye!u still got the time before the battle.lastly,stay strong and happy meet Mr. tutt..tutt..lastly, i got to go guys.i got a lots of date with my lovely Mr. tutt..tutt..kau ade?haha.lagi..i think it'll be my last post untill the exam end.

last..last..okay guys, to 3 AMANAH yg superb awesome tuu, keep tough bebehs!kite struggle together, kite nangis together and kite success pon mesti lah together jugak!i'll pray for u alls! others such as, ilyana,haziq,geng facebook and etc aku pon same gakk!together we pray.insyaallah we can.nothing impossible right?yesss.

hey, what are u waiting for?dok duduk menghadap skrin comp,lappy and etc nie lagi buat ape?go and get ur book lah!it's time to study mehh.jangan naughty-naughty nokss!

ambik kau post panjang punyee

and yeahh.the battle just begun!

competition mencari mane satu ZAMALIAH ZAKI.haha.this is all my girlfriends!but some of there missing somewhere and anywhere or everywhere~ *fail english*
study time girls.tunggu hahh.every morning aku text korang sume.hehe :p

Monday, 7 May 2012


hey guys,

by: johan ariff

haha.i got it from my bebehs who is syifa.she text me this things.when i open the inbox and read it, i laugh to myself.okay im i need to blame the teachers lah?haha.actually it's just a joke which is syifa found it on twitter.but i really LIKE the statement

Friday, 4 May 2012

never give up and never surrender!

hey guys,

bace tak post title? hehe it's so long kan.haha up to me lah nak tulis post title panjang mane.hoho aku yang tanye and aku jugak yang not responsible in this case.lalala~

okay lah.this post is for everyone yang rase so dump,useless,rase nak bunuh diri,stress or etc.usually i'm the one yang dok bentang cerita sedih aku dekat kekawan aku.sob..sab sane sini.they listened to me and i'll non stop sob..sab at them.hey guys,thanks for being a best listener and motivate me.but bukan aku sorang yang dok hadap problem by problem yang non stop kejar aku.others pon maybe more bad than me.

in our life,we need some stress to fulfill our life.but how about stress yg da over gilaa tu?nak campak dalam dustbin cam tu je?not easy like that lahh.we need to face it.and that's why lah wujudnye case bunuh diri and caused by we can't handle it well.ya im also sometimes.but remember islam religion,we have ALLAH!go and share ur story.ALLAH will hear on u!nak nangis guling2 pon bolee.that's one of the things that i do.after that,i feel better and more peace.

so to my friends espeacially yang nak seat on PMR tu,control your emotion..jangan stress.if ade prob,come and share with me.insyaallah i'll be ur best listener and good advicers.ahak!kalau nak nangis,nangis jee.let it out!don't keep it untill it become a pekasam!haha.try to be more sabar sebab life kite full with, ALLAH takkan uji hambenye yang tak mampu.last..last ke?never give up and never surrender guys!ignores what people want to say!they are so hekk hokk.just make it as a spirit to u to achive what u want.ya people will not stop condemn having the same things also.jadi be strong and tabahkan diri!it's not easy to face it,but ALLAH kan ade (; tak mau stress stress guys!

p/s : together we struggle till the end! *emosi gilaa*
dedicate it too my lovely fren and u alls lorhh..come on bebehs!