Monday, 12 March 2012

what? +0+

hey guys,

hey march.didn't expect us to meet as soon as this.then suddenly i need to say hi and hey to april.ya fast the time walk.serrr~

okay.sekarang nie march month.all pupils got their holiday for a week.wallaweyh.after got the news,background terus changed jadi more BOOKS!it's time to play and enjoy.haha.but to me no really.i'm busy counting the time before PMR.erk.what a scary life?PMR..PMR..and PMR..haha.others tak de pon kecoh-kecoh.i'm the one (;

actually the first and second paragraph just for i would like to share something that is more important than FACEBOOK,BLOG,TWITTER and etc.lastday,i was reading a  newspaper and guess what i found? i found a fact which has been studied in is about student kat sane yang addicted with FACEBOOK.

orang yang kaji benda nie kate,student kat China yang addicted with FACEBOOK mengalami KEKECUTAN OTAK sebanyak 20 %.after aku habis bace,i worry.adekah otak aku juge mengecut?but since naik form 3 nie,aku dah banyak reduce from log in FACEBOOK and BLOG.just on holiday jee.cehh.haha.

so,to prevent our brain from shrinking,reduce the use of FACEBOOK,BLOG and etc.if can limit it.haha.try harder bebehs.ape kate ubah life korang from berkepit ngan GADGET into berkepit ngan BOOKS.if not,your brain will shrink.woahh.i can't imagine scary~ last but not least,renung-renungkan..dan selamat beramal (;


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