Monday, 31 December 2012


hey guys,

holla 2012! just to let u know,  tomorrow gonna be de year of 2013! so first of all, good bye 2012. please don't miss me ya! ahak! if we rewind de time, we must feel 'hey, i feel like i just say hallo to 2012. but now, i need to say good bye to 2012. wow!'

yeahh we didn't realize it actually. to make it easy kan, no need to say others lahh, enough to say that i didn't realize today is 31 dec 2012! ahak! and alhamdulillah, i already achieved many things during this year. i hope next day -2013, i'll achieve more and more. insyaallah.

and i want to change something in my life, which is from the words I WISH to de words I WILL. it's because de words I WILL look more confident and brave. like u have a jati diri and u're seriously wanna achieve de target. ahak!

okay i'm serious.

because it's time to change! i'm gonna reach 16 soon. gonna be a big teenagers. gonna get a big duty. so i need to compete like a nuts to get de best place. easy to say lahh, aku nak tebus balik all my mistakes. what's my mistakes until i can't score 8 A's in PMR? maybe i need to change my lifestyle or whatsoever. yeahh i'll observe myself more and more. so let's start it now before it's too late.

insyaallah 2013 gonna be the sweetest year in my life. less stress, less fat, less conflict, less playing,  less online, less quarelling and less tears! and now  i will stop says I WISH, because i'm gonna says I WILL!

i will be better until i can be de best. amin insyaallah. i hope Allah will make my day easier. and thanks to kak zaza for give me inspiration and a spirit to move on. so break ur legs guys to face de new year!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

PMR result!

hey guys,

19 dec 2012

wow rase macam baru semalam jee habis paper.haha.then suddenly da 19 dec, kene ambik result.OMG!memang mase berjalan dengan begitu pantas.but aku jee yang buat-buat tak tahu.hoho

kacak tak saye?

wahh i'm really excited time nak ambik result.muke very berseri-seri.duduk dalam toilet tu lame gilaa.then prepare kan diri from head to toe!hoho.then bile jejak skol, ramai yang dah balik.sobs.yaa, i came late to school.serve me right :P

dan saat yang dinanti-nanti kan telahh tiba!then bile ustazah aku a.k.a guru tingkatan aku letak result aku atas meje, aku terus tunduk and kire berape A yang aku dapat.time tu seriesly takut!jantung aku da nak terkeluar da, nasib baik sempat masuk balik haha.and moment yang tak boleh blah gilaa bile cikgu On rampas result aku dan tolong kire berape A yang aku dapat.dear cikgu, saye belum habis kire lagi berape A yang saye dapat.sobs.

'wahh zama, awak dapat 5A lahh.hebat lah awak.tahniah!'

aku terus sengih dan gelak macam kambing mintak penampar.alhamdulillah.aku terus ambik result aku dari tangan cikgu On sambil berkate 'terime kasih cikgu' lalu menyalam tangan ustazahku yang dikasihani.cukup syahdu tak ayat aku?haha

finally rase lega gilaa!i feel so satisfied!alhamdulillah even i can't score straight A's, but i still hit de target.yeahh no more C in my result and there's no failure anymore!huhu.but rase sedih sikit sebab kawan-kawan sume score 6A and above!sobs!not my luck~

okay chill.just forget about de i am to wish CONGRATULATION to all PMR candidates yang dapat straight A's!dan untuk yang tak dapat straight A's guys, keep moving and don't give up!guys are rock because can score 8A's!i'm happy for u :D

last but not least, thanks to all teachers and friends!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The World's Biggest Book Sale!

hey guys,

Big Bad Wolf 2012 seriesly awesome!it was the best book festival i ever visit!u can get a book only at RM3!besides that, novel bestseller, comic and all about books ade kat bid bag wolf!the lowest price is RM3!most novels yang aku beli price dye RM8-10!very affordable sehh!sale bergande-gande from 75%-95%.can u imagine that?walawehh!
date: 7-23 dec 2012
time: 9 am - 9 pm
venue: mines convention centre

very suitable for si pencinta buku!yaa for bookworms like me maybe.haha.alahh who cares either u're a bookworms or not, just go lahh because u will amaze to see the sale!aku sangat jakun bile menjejakkan kaki ke festival nie.i had a good experience ever!memang rase tak puas sangat jalan kat festival nie.nasib baik da nak tutup, kalau tak, aku takkan balik haha!

this car is so walaweh!
so crowded but seriously awesome!         
i borong nie!10 books only RM 96!OMG!
can't wait to finish up all this books!

Bieber forever?haha.only RM 10!
p/s: come on guys, buat rombongan pegi Big Bad Wolf Book before de closing!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

baby learning how to make a heart shape~

hey guys,

they took a lot of straw from kedai mamak hanye untuk mengajar aku how to make a heart shape by using a straw.da bole buat tajuk berite lahh pulak aku rase 'dua gadis dari Singapore mengambil straw yang banyak dari sebuah kedai mamak hanye untuk mengajar sedarenya membuat bentuk hati menggunakan straw'

how long de title!reject, cannot put it as a title in a news or in a newspaper!haha

these two girls are so cute right.yaa just like me lorhh.ahak!so kirenye aku nie seperti baby yang diajar care melipat-lipat straw sampai straw tu jadi heart shape.very easy lahh guys!but i already forgot the step.haha.

don't kill me guys!

p/s : i'm a baby?baby Lia.ahak!1 Malaysia akan kejar nak bunuh aku.haha

Saturday, 1 December 2012


hey guys,

u mad bcoz i'm hot!


p/s: any words?

Friday, 2 November 2012

drip ur saliva~

hey guys,

human cant live without food.ouh ya, the longest time for human to stand without food is only 3 days


i would like to share something about food lahh!but before that, please prepare your handkerchief before your saliva is dripping.haha

this are my sister and me handmade :D

p/s: no joke, those who want to make an order, can find me! (macam ade)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

i'm a mommy?

hey guys

what your opinion about being a mommy at 15?is it a normal things or a big issue?

for sure it will be a big issue right~

and know what guys, i'm a mommy!a mommy for 3 kids at 15.but 1 of my kids already passed away.okay it's not a damn true!being a mommy is a difficult things actually, where i need to full fill all my children requirement.fuhh it's totally hard sehh!fortunately, i'm quite tough to face it.uhukk..uhukk..

wanna see my babies?they have their own manja name which is, BABOOSHKA for BOBO.BEAR for BUBU.and the die one is BABY!did their name look gorgeous?ahak!

woahh gorgeous enough?ohh well, this three animals is my children actually haha.they are not a mouse or a rabbit, but they are GUINEA PIG!wanna know more about it?check it out at  i become interest with this animals after reading his blog!so guys, there are my daughter and still don't bother them!haha

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


hey guys,

hey F!hi R!and hoola to the twin E!ehh hey D!ohh babe, O!and say hi to the M!

ohh still can't get it?


jumping while holding the pom..pom..

alhamdulillah.yeahh after 3 years i studying, now i'm free from PMR!say good byee to PMR!lalala~ huu what a nice day guys.haha.i don't know how to express it because i'm not so excited.

why?because i don't have a me, it's a great experience that all 97's batch happen when aku sendiri rase yang aku ade 1 responsibility.dalam hati da bekate 'tak sangke aku da besar, nanti suddenly da nak kawen' haha gilaa.

ya that's what we call life!everyone will face i quite enjoy the days after PMR because the FREEDOM is in my hand.yeahh nobody can bother do list after PMR da dikeluarkan from my pocket!so what i'm waiting for?

nike.JUST DO IT!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

97's fighting!

hey guys,

just a short entry from me as PMR is only 2 days left!huu i'm nervous!ya i should be nervous because i have a lots of nervous sysytem in my body!haha.

know what, my neighbour thought PMR is already start and ask me how the exam.haha.dear neighbour, PMR still not start yet sehh.and thank you for take care of me.i'm touch.ahak!

on programe restu ilmu last friday, 5 oct.dear 97's, fighting!the battle just begin!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

festgraphy awesome!

hey guys

wehoo and hoola bebehs.firstly it's already in the morning and i'm still's been a long time i leave this habit.but it come back!haha

okay, so today i would like to promote something!omg omg what's it?i'm sure all of u really want to know right.huu awesome finding mehh!let's check it out!

snap snap snap.yeahh i don't know how to explain it ya.okay, actually i would likes to  promote our young photographer.ya if u need a photographer, all of u can find this boy!hey guys, he's very talented and creative! i'm sure it'll be not in vain if u pay this boy to snap ur pic beacuse all the pic are so amazing and it'll be a great memory ever!

any event sehh.i tell u the truth!so if u want him, just find him on

here are some of picture taken by him


Friday, 31 August 2012

PMR trial result

hey guys,

i'm done with my trial and now, i would like to share with everyone about my PMR trial reult.randomly, to me my result is bad.i only achieve my target for 4 subject and it's worst!i feel like uhh i'm really drop.but i will try harder in the true PMR.ya i need to try harder because i got no other choice!anyway, alhamdulillah because  i succcess achieve my target for the 4 subject.and the rest, i'm DEAD!

english : 64 % (see, i drop in my fav subject!)
b.melayu : 85 & (alhamdulillah)
geografi : 58% (i drop from B to C!)
k.hidup : 65 % (alhamdulillah finally B)
math : 44 % (from B i drop to D!okay, i'm dead)
p.islam : 81 % (alhamdulillah)
sejarah : 80 % (alhamdulillah unbelievable)
science : 57 % (drop again!)

full result : 3A 1B 3C 1D

okay, this is my reaction for my result.i'm not satisfied yet!i will show u'alls my big smile after i achieve my target-8A's.insyaallah i can!yes i can!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

selamat hari raya!

hey guys,

wahh.another two days before muslimin and muslimat celebrating their raya!ouh guys, i can't wait for hari raya!can't wait to eat all the kuih raya and to collect the duit raya!hehe i'm so greedy mehh.double jerk~

alhamdulillah during the ramadan, everything is good.going to terwaih, doing solat hajat, having my PMR trial, create my twitter acc and more!haha.

and know what, i got a raya card from my bebehs!she's the one who give me the raya card and i'm so touch.uhukk.thanks syifaa.i read it for a many times despite the writing never change.haha Adam's apple~

but don't forget the poor people, we having a joy with raya, while they didn' remember others.insyaallah our raya will be more joyful if we remember others and not to be selfish.

erm.i don't what should i write, so lastly,

'selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin.i hope this raya will be the best raya for u alls.don't forget to come to my house!open for anyone!huhu.please forgive me guys!i never escape from making a mistakes.i know i have many sins!forgive me ehh.hoho.enjoy your raya bebehs!'

Sunday, 22 July 2012

trial PMR *.*

hey guys,

okay seriesly i got no time to spend in front of my, i only have 15 minutes for online.ya 15 minutes is the maximum i can't type as long as usual and i'm so sad!why this world is not fair?lalala~

1st august too 9th august is the real trial for PMR.subhanaallah..if can, i want to slap my own face.because..

*hey lia, u still didn't finish with ur revision.and u still can update ur blog?huh?* so cruel ahh this girl

*haloo, don't say like that she's trying her best.keep studying all the days.can't u see her effort?* so kind ahh this girl

haha.i can't think very well mehh.i'm so nervous and scared.last friday, i just got my timetable for trial.i hope everything will be well.i'll try my best and as my teacher said, ISTIQAMAH is the most important things!i'll try!i really want to achieve my target which is 5A 3B for this trial.insyaallah i can!amin..

and to all my bebehs,

3 AMANAH, SYIFA, HAZIQ, IZZATI, AFIQ, CHE WANIE, PUTERI, KHODY and ADILAH, do the best guys!make sure all of us get the craziest marks ever!hihi.i'll pray for u alls.8A?it's not impossible mehh~ u just need a lil struggle, istiqamah, makes everyone happy with u, pray to ALLAH and's easy right?insyaallah..

english + b.melayu + math + sej + geo + science + agame + k.hidup =  8A!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

women and cancer

hey guys,

i'm so sure everyone know about addiction, this is the definition of cancer :

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected.

MOST WOMEN IN THIS WORLD DIE FROM CANCER!damn.i'm a lady.soon i'll be women.and i might be one of the cancer victim.ya Allah!hopefully it will not happen!

based on my life, most of people who i know are suffering from cancer!they face this things for a long the end, one of my aunty passed away last Saturday just because of cancer!innalillah.she suffered badly

this is some of pictures which i found from mr google.hihi

breast cancer

cancer cervix
to hear a story that 'SOMEBOFY NEED TO REMOVE HER BREAST OR UTERUS TO SAVE HER LIFE' is just a scray things!i can't imagine how all the cancer victims face must be hard and ya, totally hard.i really cheerio with women and other cancer victims!you are great!

if i seat at their place, of course i'll keep crying and ask to God 'WHY MUST ME?' but who are we to fight the fate?i'm just ZAMALIAH, Allah will not give a test to his servants who cannot bear me, those who are suffering are really tough and strong!they leave their life, family, friends and everything!the things that they can do is keep praying that one day they will be fine despite they get no hope to live.but too me, nothing impossible *.*

and to all women, go to the clinic/hosp to make a check quickly!don't be so afraid!if not, many type of cancer are waiting for you!the most popular is CERVIX CANCER and BREAST CANCER!do you want to be one of the victim?it must be nope right?so come on!hurry up women before its too late.we stand together and fight the CANCER!we'll pray + give a support to them!

and to all cancer victims, don't be so down.God is testing you alls because he know that u can face it.keep smiling and always pray for the best!and then everything gonna be okay.hihi.lastly, never give up and never surrender!God will always be with u bebehs!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

i miss my tabby!

hey guys,

i got a story.a past story yang aku nak share hari nie.from day to day,finally ter share jugak kat hang pa anak ayam panas always busy~'s about my TABBY.who's TABBY?name cam machoo gila.ya totally super machoo and cute.i'm really miss my TABBY!sob..sob..where's TABBY?he already passed away guys!al-fatihah..kenape TABBY mati?ajal tak kire umur dan,TABBY sakit setelah berkurun lamenye.sekejap sakit,sekejap baik.antibody low~ TABBY kan budak bandar.not like budak kampung.haha.i buy TABBY with a price rm 2o only from my friends.tu pon after discount rm5.ngeh..ngeh..when TABBY still alive,i always feed TABBY and talk with TABBY.keep praying that one day TABBY can give a feedback.haha.

because my sis so pity to TABBY,we buy MOLLY to accompony TABBY.wahhh.they are super cute!MOLLY baru je born and still tak reti jalan!super funny and cute.we buy them a clothes.dulu baju tu muat.tapi bile dah besar skit.sendat seyh!haha.

the things yang aku rase syahdu gilaa when TABBY and MOLLY berhimpit-himpit under a bekas sebab sejuk,beside it's a rainy day.TABBY super sengal sikit sebab when MOLLY grew up and mature,TABBY pergi gigit and eat MOLLY fur.woaahh.gilaa seks!TABBY,i buy molly with a high price!more expensive than u okay!haha.that's why TABBY jealous sangat.when i see they seat closely together,i'll shout to my family that..WEYH!TABBY NGAN MOLLY MENGAWAN!i'll say the same thing when see they seat closely,while tak mengawan pon.maybe TABBY mandul kot.everyday aku dok check depa bile lah nak mengawan?tak sabar nak tengok anak depa yang cute macam aku.

lastly,TABBY mati tanpe meninggalkan zuriat pon.maybe TABBY feel very dissapointed just because TABBY mandul.ngeh :3 i'm so sad bile tengok TABBY dikebumikan.i miss you TABBY!MOLLY jangan lah mati lagi!

tabby when still being a BABY.dye nak buat intro sikit "hi guys,i am to eat.i mean really love eating
hiding because takut kene rogol!haha :p

this is MOLLY.aku yang kasi dye name MOLLY.MOLLY sebab dye ade MOLE kat tepi MOLLY for MOLE!

penggila FOOD!habis carrot mak aku depa makan.every time pergi tesco,WAJIB borong carrot.haha.actually tak WAJIB sangat pon.DIET!

MOLLY yang masih baby and suci.hey,with his new baju too.TABBY pon ade,tapi dye tak nak pakai sebab nampak macam pondan.TABBY pandai bukak baju dye sendiri sebab TAK SUKE!hahaha

always berebut makanan.hahaha

MOLLY for MOLE.mahal tu tahi lalatku~ still in BABY

MOLLY selalu duduk inside the TABBY tak bole makan FOOD inside it.MOLLY is so stingy!hahaha

MOLLY yang baru belajar tuk berjalan.guys,i have a FACEBOOK too.all of u can look for me.haha.MOLLY having a webbie with my sis inside my sis room.GEDIK!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jordin Sparks - One Step at a Time Lyrics

hey guys,

tadi when aku dok dapat semangat nak kemas bilik,adik aku pi pasang mp3 dye dekat speaker.then,terpancul this song.i'm become stuck.lagu apa nie?tercabar aku kalau macam nie!aiseehhh.the song very menduge kesabaran tau.i'm with the penyapu dok acting macam pegang mikrofon nyanyi2 while dancing.dengar lagu cam nie barulah ade semangat nak kemas.ahahhaa.aku rase aku dah macam maid yang baru dapat kebebasan dari majikan yang super kejam.hahaha!