Saturday, 10 September 2011

new baby born (;

hey guys
13 january 1997 at 6:24 p.m
ade new baby borned!wahhh!the baby is girl!okay.i don't know what should i say.okay.okay.actually it's me.hahaha.nk upload pic.but so slow lah.i'm very u know me rite.if u give me a chance,aku nak tido a whole day!wahhh!cool.but,till now,still tk dpt capai that thing.wallaweh!okay.stop membebel.nobody wanna here on you.u're so perasan.i admit it.heee~ lalalala.i'm still new in here.not so good like others.sooo,give me a chance lh derrrr!hahha.hey,don't u think yg aku ni syok sendiri.yalah.this is my first post right.excited language is so horrible,terrible..blablabla..okay.see ya on the 2nd post!huhuhu~

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